Every house must feature a gallery wall that reflects the homeowners’ personality and individuality. It adds a character to the space. The gallery wall can be anywhere, from a living room or a bedroom, to even your balcony, if it has enough wall space. This could be your chance to display your memories, your talents, or just simply, your knack to decorate a corner into something useful and memorable. There are no rules or expectations when it comes to creating your own gallery wall, and here are some ideas that we feel will elevate your own gallery wall. 

Pick A Theme 

If you have a theme in mind for your gallery wall, your job is half done. It gets easier to put things together and create a meaningful space with those things. Whether it is an abstract motif or simply putting together a collage of your childhood photographs, the theme could be anything and everything! 

Mix Illustrations, Calligraphy, Frames And Artwork 

Put your talents and passions to use to create a wall to display your work of art. Whether it is your endless notes in calligraphy or your distinctive choices in choosing frames for your pictures, mix and match these different pieces. Maybe you are into doodling or maybe you are a connoisseur of artwork—this gallery wall will have space for all! 

Make A Memory Wall 

Memory walls are probably the best way to go about doing a gallery wall if you don’t have anything specific in your mind. Gather your most favourite pictures from your childhood, your adolescence, your adulthood and your present, create a connection between all the images and put them up as they are. Voila! You have a memory wall right there! 

Vibe With White Walls – Paint Them or Tile Them 

White walls are a canvas for creativity and it is quite hard to state otherwise. Either you can go ahead and paint them, consider the wall your canvas and go to town with it, or you can tile them quite impressively. Mosaic tiling is one of the best and safest ways to make a gallery wall out of tiles. With the number of options, colours, designs and patterns that you get with mosaic tiles, you can make anything from them. These small tiles can be laid in patterns that turn out to be a tile artwork! 

Antique Gallery Wall 

Your penchant to collect antiques can be easily displayed on the wall. Whether it is a broken antique plate or a bowl, the gallery wall can display it, adding more colour, heritage and history, more than anything else. 

Make A Living Wall 

Confused? No, it’s not a gallery wall of the living room. It is actually just that – a living wall. Houseplants are a great way of adding a charm to any space. They instantly lighten up the mood and the fact that they are ‘living’ makes your gallery wall a living wall. You need not dedicate an entire wall to plants, you can easily plant them around the bookshelves or so. 

Add Peg Rails 

Shaker-style peg rails are no longer restricted to just the kitchen or perhaps the dining room, you can very well incorporate them into your gallery wall. They are often effortless and classic in design and look which is a great thumbs up. As they can easily blend into most decorative schemes, they make a good addition to almost anywhere in the house. So you don’t have to think twice before getting them installed. 

Make A Mirror Gallery Wall 

Mirrors make for great decorative pieces. Plus, the fact that they reflect light falling on them during the day is an added advantage, style-wise. They are great pieces of decor, they make your room look brighter and bigger, and can be experimented with different designs and shapes for a distorted yet a theme-based gallery wall. 

Your home is your canvas! You can bounce off ideas and with little tweaks here and there, you can create a humble abode that speaks eloquently about you and your tastes. Making a gallery wall is not a task if you have an idea as to what you want to make out of it. These tips and tricks will definitely help you build yours! 

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