The world around us is changing, and with the pandemic looming overhead like the sword of Damocles, no one knows what the job sector will look like five years down the line. You Must-Know Career Tips for Successful Career Development in 2021.

When the future is so uncertain, all of us – students, professionals, and non-professionals must be ready to adapt to these changing times. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, all job sectors have suffered a big hit and revamped their employment policies.

You must also identify the changing tides and learn to adapt to long-term changes. But how do you do that? Worry not! I will give you some useful career tips that will help you adapt to changes and embrace more opportunities in 2021 Career Development.

Organise your home office space:

Career Development

Due to the pandemic, over 42 per cent of the total workforce is working from home in the US. As it has become part of the new normal, you must maximise your role in the transition.

Sure, we all were pretty clumsy at the beginning with the work from home situation, but now we have all the more reasons to take it more seriously Career Development in 2021.

  • Set your system in a quiet, designated area where you can concentrate on your work without the hassle of reconfiguring daily.
  • Study shows that clutter tends to wear out the brain and leads to exhaustion. Keep your work station well organised and clutter-free.
  • Make sure your home office is comfortable so that you can work without getting stressed out.

Enhance your technical skills:

Career Development

Technology is thriving with each passing day. Even if it’s out of your area of interest or not directly related to your job role, push yourself to learn and polish your technical skills. It will come in handy if you look to head off to a different direction career-wise.

By technology, I mean learning about AI, programming language, wearable technology and so on. Seek certification or licensing in your field to add more credentials.

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In case you are from the technical background, be proactive and keep yourself updated with all the latest developments in your field – you never know when it can come of use.

Develop professional skills:

It doesn’t matter whether you work in the education industry as a dissertation editor or a writing expert, you must train yourself to keep learning and developing skills to become a competent employee in your current or future workplace.

Transferable skills such as communication, leadership, and stress management are some skills that would be crucial in all job sectors, today and tomorrow.

Developing new skills improves your chances of getting better opportunities. No wonder why most employees these days are competent in diverse sectors. But how do you do that?

  • Set goals for your personal development
  • Pick any two skills and monitor your progress.
  • Chalk out a long-term personal development plan to acquire the necessary education
  • Work on cross-functional skills to overcome uncertain work challenges.

Update your resume:

Updating your resume or CV may seem like an obvious career tip, but you must work on your resume to make it stand out from the rest. Like your portfolio, make sure your resume is easily accessible online.

Did you know that you have only five seconds to grab your hiring manager’s attention with your CV or resume? This means your resume should be virtually appealing with sought-after skills and experience so that the recruiter gives you his or her time and attention. Choose templates that allow you to highlight all pertinent details in a well-organised manner.

Even if you are not for a new job, always keep your resume updated with new skills and work experience. That way, you can respond immediately whenever an opportunity knocks at your door.

Start networking:

Career Development

Each one of us has a specific network – be it personal, professional, or social. An excellent professional network can help you build and advance your career.

Thanks to the internet, networking is no longer restricted at conference rooms or coffee meetings. Digital platforms have now evolved as a solid ground for effective networking. Here are some career tips by savvy networkers:

  • Leverage your LinkedIn profile to stay updated with the latest developments in your industry. Connect with professionals whose career goals align with yours.
  • Participate in conversations, discuss work and exchanges ideas and opinions of like-minded professionals
  • Hone your mentorship skills and seek mentors. It will help you learn from great leaders and allow you to test your skills.

Review your career options:

It’s essential to have a clear career path for long-term success. Many of us tend to work for organisations for a timely paycheck. It may meet your current requirement, but it will wear you out in the longer run.

Be proactive and analyse if your current job role is relevant to your career Development in 2021. If you belong to an industry where the growth is slow, there may be a minimal career development scope. It will not only lead to boredom and frustration but also restrict you from utilising your potential.

Keeping open career options will allow you to explore different aspects of your job, which benefit your team and your organisation.

Be resilient:


In 2020, millions of people went jobless. Life came to a sudden standstill with no idea what the future has in store for them. Such setbacks are common in the journey called life.

Hence, cultivate the ability to overcome disappointments and failure. Pick any successful individual from your industry; you will find one common trait in all – resilience.

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All professionals have a purpose in their life. They strive to fulfil that purpose by learning from the setbacks that come in their way. If you want to become resilient, identify your strengths and improve your well-being. Train yourself to cope with failure and remain flexible in all situations.

Consider Entrepreneurship:


Let’s be honest here; we all have that tiny desire to start our own business. The idea of being your boss is tantalising. If you have that entrepreneurial vibe in you, 2021 would be a great time to bring your dream to life. 

In that case, it needs no special mention that you must equip yourself with a solid business idea, necessary resources, and relevant knowledge of running a business. While most of you might disagree with this idea considering the current state of the economy, but if you look at the job loss in 2020, you may not find the idea of starting your own business a terrible idea.

Wrapping up

Even though 2020 has been a tough year on most of us worldwide, it shouldn’t stop you from planning and investing in a better career. Economists believe that the economy will start repairing in 2021, which will undoubtedly open up new job opportunities and career growth. So, with such positivity, you should aim to develop your skills and improve your knowledge for a flourishing career.

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