This year has been very challenging for the whole world, since the beginning, so many natural disasters like floods, climatic changes etc., manmade disasters like forests burn down and Lebanon incident etc. but above all these problems and disasters was the pandemic. All the other things were effecting, but the most effective one was the Covid 19 Pandemic. It had been so disastrous that it had shut down the whole world for almost a whole year. As everything was effected, education and study in this pandemic were effected too.

Effect on Students’ life:

Students had to cope up with studies and huge assignments while being at home, technically it was the most difficult task, because they were not really stepping out from their comfort zones yet had to work harder than ever. As the world is moving towards advancement and studies are getting difficult day by day, many students tend to do combine studies with their friends. After stepping into professional life, team work is what brings the business on top, combine studies also promote team work. However, this year because of the pandemic, this activity of students was effected too. But as it is said, every problem has a solution; so does this issue.

4 Tips to combine study in pandemic:

  1. Download apps that connect you with your friends: There are many apps that you can download on your phones in order to get connected with your friends for study in this pandemic. You can contact your friends and tell them the mobile app which is most convenient to use, example; What’s App, Zoom or Google meet. You can all make a time table and then come online on the selected time and study together through a conference call or an online meeting that could be accessed through an online link. Technology has made it a lot easier to cope up with the pandemic.
  2. Online website that provides this service: There are many online websites that provide these type of services. There are websites in which you can search for your desired course, subject or topic and it will help you in providing the relevant material and tasks. For example you have to look for a dissertation so you can search for dissertation samples to get a check on the quality and then ask about your queries. They will guide you accordingly. Just like that, if you require help in essay or need an essay typer to write down your essay, simply let them know. It is that easy.
  3. StudyPal: In this crucial time, studypal seems the most relevant option to depend on for your study in this pandemic. Here on StudyPal, you can find a partner for your studies. It is currently the fastest used way of finding people with whom you can study. You can search about your topics, subjects and courses and then you will get connected with people who had same demands as you, so that you people could have a partner to study with. It is common that sometimes people have troubles studying alone, even if they are genius, they will still need help somewhere. Through StudyPal you find a company for yourself to study with.
  4. Find online Tuition service: There are teachers and students that provide tuition services online in order to earn money for themselves. You can search for such online services and avail the ones which you think will be the best one for your problems. This way you can get a solution for your problem and the person offering this service can get money for their expertise. It is better for us to work together and help each other in this pandemic. You can sell your expertise and the ones who have problems can find solutions from you. Online tuition is one of the fastest and reliable growing business, it opens up many doors for students, especially for introverts who find it difficult to ask questions face to face.

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This year has been crucial for the whole world, be it developed or developing countries, but that does not mean that you negotiate with it and sit ideally wasting the whole time. You should take this as a big challenge and find a solution for all of your problems so that we grow up stronger this year. Students are in a learning face so they can benefit the most from this pandemic by training themselves for all kind of challenges in future.


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