We all know asthma can be quite a dreadful disease. It is a major abnormal immune system disorder that overreacts upon encountering certain substances when inhaled or taken in by mouth.

Usually, we name these asthma symptoms.               

These asthma symptoms can vary but in general cases, some of them are highly common in every asthma patient.

If you are suffering from asthma symptoms it is best to use an Aerocort inhaler to cure the symptoms and get relief.

Here we will inform you of some of the asthma symptoms. Being an asthma patient knowing these asthma symptoms and how to cure them can be a crucial step for dealing with asthma attacks. 

But before we begin it is to be remembered that you need to have some form of treatment as the symptoms can range from being mild, moderate, and even be severe sometimes.  If you don’t settle in with treatment early you might have extreme symptoms that might require immediate medical attention or else the consequences can be fatal.

Here are the common symptoms of asthma

Before the asthma attack, kicks in you can feel some of the symptoms starting to appear. This is true both in the case of a person who has mild or moderate or severe asthma.

Here are some of the most common symptoms-


Cough is one of the common asthma symptoms which is a prelude to an asthma attack. Almost close to 90% of asthma patients might have coughing. The coughing can be dry or wet with mucus.


Wheezing is yet another common offset symptom before an asthma attack. This is the slight whistling noise that occurs due to the passage of air from the narrowed airways.

But wheezing can also be a symptom of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease commonly known as COPD diseases, congestive heart failure, and pneumonia.

Breathing difficulty

When your airways get narrower and constricted the amount of air getting into your lungs is less. Due to this, you can suffer from breathlessness as well.

This is also common with some other lung diseases. The use of a Levolin inhaler is inherent if you want to check your asthma attack in the early stages.


Fatigue can also be a symptom of asthma that is worth recognizing. Asthma patients become fatigued when the asthma symptoms creep in as there is less amount of oxygen that is being inhaled in and being distributed to the cells for respiration.

The tightness of the chest

This can be the result of mucus setting in the airways and making it constricted. Due to the tightness of the chest, one can easily develop breathlessness as well. Mucus can easily constrict the air passages and bronchioles inside the lungs.

Nasal flaring

This is the enlargement of the nostrils’ holes. Due to less air being inhaled in your brain will often signal to stretch the nostrils so that it opens up further for inhaling more air.

Anxiety and restlessness

The occurrence of breathing difficulty, chest tightness, and wheezing can make the asthma patient more anxious. Asthma attacks are unpredictable and can be triggered due to slight changes. When you are feeling such uncomfortable or stressful it can easily cause anxiety in you.

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To make sure that you don’t develop it into a severe panic disorder keep using the Aerocort inhaler whenever you feel uncomfortable or have difficulty breathing.

Severe asthma symptoms

There are some asthma symptoms apart from the ones mentioned above that can show up in an asthma patient.  It is important to know that most of the symptoms will be the same but of a much more severe nature.

The frequency of asthma attacks also rises drastically in patients suffering from severe asthma.

It is best to visit a doctor while you are still in the early stages of an asthma attack. If your doctor has recommended you to take some puffs of levolin inhaler daily then keep adhering to this instruction.

Here are some of the severe symptoms which can prove to be fatal

Extreme breathing difficulty

One of the signs of a severe asthma attack is severe breathing difficulty. In such cases, the neck and the chest can almost be sucked in while inhaling which is visible and shocking. Using your regular Aerocort inhaler can prove to be of little significance in such critical times. You can use a rescue inhaler that might even be your last chance for survival.

Chest pain

The person might experience chest pain at a moderate to severe level. This can also induce a heart attack in some cases. In such cases visiting the doctor is more important.

Discoloration of the lips, nose, and face

This symptom appearing is the signal of a severe asthma attack. Often the symptom can crop in due to extreme breathing difficulty accompanied by chest pain. Get More Detail Visit here: Arrowmeds

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