If you have been planning to start your own grocery delivery business in the Philippines with the help of an app such as the Green Mart Clone app, then you have to focus on more than just the features and operation of the app. The go to strategy to building any business today is to market and brand your business better than your competitors. So, in today’s blog post, we will try to learn how to market your on demand grocery delivery app, the Green Mart clone app in Philippines.

Understanding the market

When in marketing and advertising, you have to know what the market wants rather than what you want to show to the people. Please take note of the colors that people respond to, the local signs and colors that represent grocery shopping and groceries in general, the usage of the word grocery and the items that it corresponds to and the various mediums of advertising that people are exposed to. Once you have a good understanding of all these factors, you should be able to draw out the perfect action plan for your business.

It has got to be written down!

Most people make the mistake of simply thinking of various strategies and never putting them on paper. Having a written down action plan helps not only in remembering all the fantastic ideas that you got throughout your journey towards making this business but also allows you to go back and evaluate in retrospect with respect to what modifications that you can make.

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Having a business plan in the sky is no business plan at all. Unless you have everything written down in black and white on paper, it means nothing. Taking your business seriously and ensuring that you get to implement everything that you have planned for your business.

Keep it simple

Regardless of which medium you use to market your business, it is important to keep things simple. Let us understand this with the help of different examples. If you put an advert on a billboard regarding your new grocery delivery business, it is important to understand that customers will ride past it and have very little time to look at it. The message on it therefore has to be clear, simple and bold. The other example could be the newspaper. A reader would typically pick up the newspaper to go through the news on the paper; they would probably just glance at an ad. Therefore, the communication in the ad has to be crystal clear and simple to understand. No fancy language, no big words and definitely no ambiguous images.

Pre-launch Marketing

The ideal way to create a buzz around your app is to start a pre-launch campaign. This will entail creating a teaser like strategy to slowly release the idea of your company to the people. Make sure that you highlight one feature at a time and continue harping upon it for a fixed period of time before moving on to the next feature.


On the whole, it is very important to get the right Green Mart Clone app to be able to start a profitable on demand grocery delivery business in Philippines. Make sure that you only purchase your Green Mart clone app from a white label on demand mobile app development company with at least 6 to 8 years of experience in building various kinds of on demand apps that have a global appeal and can be customized as per your business needs.

The best way to make sure that you get the right app for your business is to take a demo of the app before you put down any money in it. A reliable on demand white label mobile app development company would be happy to offer you an unlimited duration of testing on their demo app so that you are completely aware of what you are investing in and finally have the strongest and most reliable on demand grocery delivery app like Green Mart to launch as your business in Philippines.

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