Classification of graduate scholarships in American universities, American college scholarships (intramural scholarships) are divided into three types: Non-Service Scholarship, Service Assistantship, and Loan:

Non-service scholarship

The application rate is the largest, and its amount is also the largest. it includes:

1. College Scholarship (Fellowship):

The bursary is a kind of non-service scholarship with the highest amount but the most fierce competition. Under normal circumstances, if you get a bursary from a college, you will get the full price, that is, waiver of tuition and miscellaneous fees, accommodation, insurance, and textbook fees. In addition, a certain amount is given to the winning students as their personal expenses (Personal Expenses).

The bursary application process is especially fierce. In addition to the higher TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT scores, there are generally good domestic school transcripts, GPAs, letters of recommendation, and personal statements. The preparation of these materials Only by paying great attention to skills and being unique can you successfully get the full scholarship.

2. Scholarship:

The form of the scholarship can be a certain amount of money, as a form of scholarship (such as Economic Scholarship, Graduate Scholarship, etc.) awarded to outstanding students, or a kind of tuition or miscellaneous fee exemption (Tuition Scholarship or Tuition Scholarship) & Fees Scholarship, the specific amount of this kind of scholarship varies with the amount of tuition and fees set by the college.

Unlike scholarships, there is only one form of scholarship. It may set up several or even a dozen different forms of scholarship in the same university. A student can be eligible to apply for two or more scholarships at the same time. Generally speaking, the chance of getting a Scholarship is greater than the chance of getting a Fellowship, but the amount of a Scholarship is less than Fellowship.

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3. Tuition & Fee Waiver:

In some American colleges, there are tuition-free scholarships. Some colleges regard it as a kind of Scholarships, and some colleges list it separately. Free tuition is the easiest one to apply for among non-service scholarships.

Although the tuition fee is waived, the tuition fee is only a part of the total cost, so if you want to get enough funds, you need to apply for other forms of scholarship at the same time.

Service Scholarship (Assistantship)

“Classification of graduate scholarships in American universities”, Teaching Assistantship (TA) and Research Assistantship (RA). This kind of scholarship is generally awarded to graduate students and doctoral students. Undergraduate students receive research assistantships in a few colleges, but the ratio is relatively small.

Service scholarships provide students with a certain amount of cash, and students can apply for tuition and fees scholarships (Tuition and Fees) at the same time at the college, but those who receive such funding are required to serve 12-20 hours of auxiliary teaching or research work per week.

For Chinese students applying for graduate-level or above in the United States, the chances of receiving scholarships are much higher than those of undergraduates or undergraduate transfer students.

Most of them are awarded the “full award” by receiving one of these two service salaries. . The vast majority of graduate schools in the United States have set up these two types of funding. However, not all such funding from all colleges can cover the entire cost of the year, but most of them are more than 2/3 of the total amount.

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