Through a special laminating process, paper can be turned into something with a fabric-like texture, like suede soft touch business cards. When you provide such business cards to your clients, it makes a deep impression because the material will feel luxurious once it is touched.

Another advantage of using cloth-like soft-touch business cards is that they are made from thick paper materials. When combined with high-quality offset printing, you will have an impressive business card that can be used almost for life.

Special Finishes for Soft Touch Business Cards

When looking for a printing company to create your soft touch business cards, make sure they use the offset printing method. Unlike digital printers, offset printers can handle complex laminating processes and the printed results appear more professional. If you want to order a soft touch laminated business card from a printing company, you have the following finishes to choose from:

Super Soft Touch Matte

If you think your design does not work well on glossy surfaces, choose a super smooth matte suede business card. They are the same thickness as other soft business cards, but have no glitter or shine.

High-gloss Suede

For elegant business cards with a formal design, high-gloss suede can be just the finish you want. The upper part of the uncoated surface is designed with a chrome foil to achieve a metallic color, which can be gold, silver or copper.

Raised Foil Stamped Suede

If you want an engraving on the business card, use embossed aluminum foil to emboss the suede surface. Unlike spot UV glow boost, this effect can be performed in non-metallic colors such as blue, orange, yellow, purple, red, or pink. This is ideal for business card design for more creative industries.

Paper Types

You can choose from different types of paper to form the main elements of business card printing. It is worth designing cards by a professional graphic designer, especially if you want to provide custom fonts, illustrations, or designs. As for the materials used, you can match the type of paper with the color and the main elements of the business card design.

Textured linen business cards are 10% thicker than credit cards. It may be thin, but the textured linen material can give off a classy and elegant sound, which will definitely impress your clients.

Spot gloss business cards are made from the same material as other business cards. The difference is that the point gloss treatment applied to the logo or outline shape makes the business card design unique.

Suede Business Card. If you want to give your business card a luxurious touch, a suede business card would be the right choice. The paper has a smooth velvet laminate texture, giving it a suede-like, leather-like feel. 

These are some of the options you have when you order soft-touch business cards. They are an excellent way to show the class of your business and stand out from the rest.

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