Apple is among the most powerful companies in the world. Apple is now in a league by itself, with a market valuation of over $2 trillion. Apple may face competition from Amazon for the top position in the future years, but in the meantime, Apple is leaps and bounds above any other company, even Saudi Aramco.

Apple has ascended to the top by offering fantastic products which have caught the public’s attention, from iPod to the ipad to the iphone towards the Macbook. Apple has amassed large quantities of money all by itself, through its suppliers, and through other licenced resellers, since about the turn of the century. Being an authorised apple reseller may be incredibly beneficial in modern society.

What are the benefits of becoming an authorized apple dealer?

Being an authorized Apple dealer means you’ll be able to obtain Apple OEM components in bulk from the direct business, which means your items will be in higher demand. You’ll also be able to get the iPhone parts at extremely low rates because you’ll be procuring straight from the manufacturer, with no middlemen to eat into your profit margins.

It makes perfect sense to become an authorised apple dealer since apple parts are likely to stay in high demand for quite a long time. Apple has a long history of adapting to new circumstances and emerging victorious. They stay on top of each and every trend and incorporate it into their products to provide their clients the greatest possible experience when they buy their products.

Steps towards becoming an authorized apple dealer

Authorized apple dealers can make a lot of money, and it’s not nearly as tough as people make it out to be. The majority of persons who do not become authorised dealers are either unaware of the process or have made no attempt to become acquainted with it.

Some people believe they will not fulfill the qualifying requirements, therefore they never apply. While Apple does have specific qualifying requirements in place, it does not rule out the possibility of small and medium-sized businesses becoming authorized Apple dealers. It’s actually rather easy, as we’ll show you right now. Check below few steps to follow – 

  • Learn more about Apple

To become an authorised Apple dealer, one of the first things you need to do is go to their website and study the Apple authorized service provider plan in depth. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to learn about all of the stages involved in being an approved apple reseller. Remember that the organisation will only hire qualified people to work as dealers, so make sure your residence is in order before you apply.

  • Open an Apple Account 

You must already have an active account with an approved distributor to become an authorised dealer. This is crucial for persons who want to work as authorised dealers. You must all develop new relationships since you may require two of your clients to testify for you, and those customers must be either suppliers or Apple industry contacts.

  • Stock Up on Inventory 

Next, you’ll need to load up on inventory, which will require you to commit to a grand opening purchase amount. This implies that each year, you’ll need to purchase at least $100,000 in certified Apple OEM part supplies wholesale from your distributor. You can then choose to sell those iPhone parts wholesale from any place that you desire. It might be at a physical location or entirely with your online store.

  • Get certified by Apple

To become an authorised dealer, you must demonstrate to the company’s executives and representatives how you can effectively promote their parts while adhering to all of the company’s criteria. Apple’s terms of service, as well as other rules, must be followed. Furthermore, you must always be prepared to show documentation of any Apple certifications that may be valid.

  • Follow the checklist provided by Apple 

On Apple’s website, there will be a checklist that will offer you adequate assistance in ensuring that you do have all you need when applying. You’ll need confirmation of your connection with Apple distributors, as well as recommendation letters from three of your clients, at the very least. Even letters from authorized apple dealers will also have the desired impact if you don’t have letters from your clientele. You’ll also need your tax identification number, business license, and proof of insurance.

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Submit your application!

The application procedure will comprise a number of steps. Once you’ve completed it, you’ll need to be patient because Apple has been known to take up to 6 months to determine whether or not to make you an approved dealer. You will receive an email from them congratulating you on your confirmation if their decision is positive. After that, you must agree to become an Authorized Apple Dealer.

Wrapping Up!

Apple Authorized Dealers are key to Apple’s retail strategy to sell wholesale iPhone parts, since they account for a significant share of Apple product sales worldwide. As we all know, becoming an Authorized Apple Dealer is a long process, but you are absolutely guaranteed to succeed. Make a basic checklist and stick to it until you achieve your ultimate objective of becoming an Authorized Apple Dealer.