Coast Guard Coins, Challenge coins are a symbol of representation, pride, identity and honor for military units and other valiant organizations of the nation. With the help of customization, many varieties of challenge coins can be produced.

One of the popular varieties of custom challenge coins is the coast guard coin. If you are planning to customize coast guard coins then you must do them perfectly. After all, the members of the Coast Guard Unit deserve to be presented with perfectly customized coins.

Whether you are manufacturing them for rewarding or identifying a specific troop, here are some of the things that can help you customize the perfect coast guard coins. Continue to read till the end to learn all about it.

Focus on the purpose and occasion

When designing for custom coast guard coins make sure to keep your focus on the purpose and occasion where the coins will be presented. Whether the coins shall be used to honor the unit or identify the unit, based on the purpose of the coins, the different elements shall be chosen.

Also, the same thing applies for the occasion, if you are presenting the coins at an awards ceremony then make sure the coin size is appropriate. If the coins are for representing a particular unit then add a personalized element to make it more specific.

Relevant artwork on the coin

The artwork for any challenge coin is the most important element. Hence, the customization for the artwork must be done appropriately. You must keep in mind that the artwork should be relevant with the military unit.

Hence, if you are designing coins for the coast guard then the artwork must represent that. Whether you choose to have the unit flag or any specific logo representing the coast guard unit, make sure they are designed to perfection for no errors on them.

Text and other important elements

The coin must also include some relevant text to wrap up the whole design of the coin. Typically, text is either added below the artwork or on the rim of the coin.

However, keep in mind that the text should only be included when there is ample space after the artwork is designed and placed on the coin. Adding text and other elements on constrained space would look chaotic. The entire look of the coins would be messy.

Appropriate size of the coin

Another vital thing that you must remember when customizing a coast guard coin is its appropriate size. If the coin size is too big then there would be too much empty space and will look odd as well.

If the size is too small then not only the coins will be of no value but it would be difficult to add important elements on it. Hence, pay attention when you decide for the size of the coin. Ask the manufacturers for the appropriate size of the coin.


Coast Guard Coins just like any other challenge coins are honorary and significant items. They must be customized to perfection for the valiant coast guard members. The above enumerated things will help you to customize them perfectly.

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