There exists a mysterious riddle that unlocks the hidden wonders of this world. Many of us have it in front of us but are quite not sure how to solve the puzzle, while others say it is not less than a rocket science. Yes, that riddle is digital marketing. If understood and done correctly, it can take you to a ride of utopian Disneyland of floor no. 27th in heaven.

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing?

Digital marketing is a strategy of promoting your brand and basically what you offer to the world online, through the use of internet. This includes the E-mail marketing, the SEO marketing and the social media marketing and many other innovative ways to promote online.

On the other hand, the opponent of digital marketing is Traditional marketing, which is also promoting your brand and basically what you offer to the word, but without the use of internet. This includes print media, outdoor sales, telephonic marketing.

With this being said, there has been a difference of opinion whether digital marketing is worthy of increasing the level of business? or is it all just hype? To understand, lets first consider the unique methods digital marketing has brought forth to the table.

Advantages of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Cheaper Alternative:

It is safe to say that digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing. One of the examples is ‘Pay per click’, where an online platform with billions of users and up to date with all the trends, advertises your brand, just for $1 to $5 with visible results, whereas advertising on a local newspaper costs more, from $12 to $450, depending upon the size, with not so promising results.

Moreover, the newspaper mostly covers the local areas and audiences instead of a wider one and if your target market is the youth, then traditional marketing is not comparatively a good option.

Apart from this, Affiliate marketing is another example where it is 100% performance based, affordable and gains higher market share for your business, increasing customers interaction with your brand.

Breaking the glass ceilings:

Digital marketing has no boundaries, where a business based in middle east is able to earn in euros or dollars and even grow their business in different continents through digital marketing, whereas traditional marketing targets mostly the locals as there are certain limitations.

There are even online foreign broker companies who provide services to sell your products and services for a reasonable commission within their countries, which increases the level of your business on an international stage.


Digital marketing can easily identify your niche and focuses on your relevant target audience through strategies like SEO and keywords, bringing leads with higher potential of converting customers to buyers.

To be more precise, there are foreign companies who are professional in such fields of creating content.

If your business can’t afford such high cost, then even academic level service providers, who provide best dissertation writing services in the UK for better usage of word formation, creating not only indulging content for your brand, but creating content inclined with the on-going trends. This has proven potential of converting your customers into buyers.

A Recipe of Success: Combining Digital Marketing with Traditional Marketing

With all the benefits of digital marketing, traditional marketing shouldn’t be left out. It’s a successful war strategy to recruit your opponents and work together as a team.

Traditional marketing can allow your brand to reach audience who don’t have internet. So, it is a win-win situation where your brand now has promotional links over those, with and without the internet, creating higher chance of increasing your business level.

Example to Fit the Description:

An entrepreneur visits a village without an internet service, noticing that villagers weren’t wearing a proper footwear. Considering this as an opportunity, the entrepreneur sold manufactured jogger footwear to the entire village through traditional marketing, setting up branches and gaining advantage from both the internet and non-internet users, making best of both the worlds. It can also be said, capturing everything within the trend and everything out of trend.

Apart from this, studies have shown that print media content is easier to recall, process and recycle. So engaging customers from both visual and print media content, will most likely make the customer become a potential buyer.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is without a doubt worthy of increasing the business level. But for that to happen, certain strategies need to be planned for progressing towards a success rate, where many new emerging businesses are prospering using digital marketing, reaching the levels of competing against its predecessors.

Traditional marketing on the other hand should also be used for capturing the whole territory of target audience.  It only favors your position while taking advantage of all the given resources.

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