LightningChart .NET from Arction offers different kinds of 2D and 3D charts that application developers can use for app development projects. For designing different apps, charts and graphs are regarded as essential. Having charts or graphs is an easy way of representing complex data. Visual representation of data through charts and graphs can help people to understand data trends and survey reports in an easier way. For integrating the charts to an application development project, developers need reliable and powerful charting library. If you are using .NET framework for developing applications, you can find LightningChart .NET to be very useful.

A Feature-Rich Charting Library

Rich Charting Library

The major highlight of LightningChart .NET is the availability of various features. This charting library comes with different kinds of charting options for the developers. You can find both 2D and 3D charts in this charting library. Moreover, it includes Smith charts, Polar charts, 3D pies, donut charts, GIS charts, etc. Different charts are required for different kinds of applications. You can use LightningChart for developing applications in industries like engineering, science, trading, banking, finance, medicine, aerospace, energy, and many others. It assures an excellent performance with many customization features.

Types of Signal Tools Offered by LightningChart

LightningChart .NET features a large collection of signal tools. In the following section, you can find details on the signal tools that have been included in LightningChart .NET.

  • SignalReader: This signal tool generates real-time data stream from a file. It can stream data in different formats like Sid, WAV, ssd, etc. The playback comes with looping option for the users.
  • AudioInput: You can use LightningChart for AudioInput signal tool. It can read data stream from the sound device’s line-input or microphone-input. The collected data can be forwarded to the charts through this software component.
  • SignalGenerator: Our SignalGenerator tool provides multi-functional signal generator component. Different waveform types have been converted into a real-time output signal through this software component.
  • AudioOutput: With this signal tool, developers can avail real-time data stream playback through sound card line-out or speaker-out. This tools can fetch data from different other signal tools like SignalGenerator, AudioInput, SignalReader, etc.
  • SpectrumCalculator: Developers can use this signal tool for converting data between frequency domain and time domain. This tool uses a Fast Fourier Transform algorithm that helps in seamless Digital Signal Processing.

Top-Notch Performance from LightningChart .NET

Notch Performance from LightningChart

LightningChart .NET is known for offering flawless performance. This tool offers GPU accelerated charting component that feature record-breaking amount of data points in real-time. With top performance of LightningChart .NET, you can get the following benefits:

  • LightningChart offers real-time monitoring without delays and flickering.
  • Smooth interactive operation of the charts.
  • High resolution charts.
  • Low machine resources consumption with top-notch efficiency.
  • Compatibility with older computer hardware

At Arction, our team is working relentlessly to make the LightningChart .NET more user-friendly. With our efforts, LightningChart has turned into an advanced charting library that many professional developers prefer to use. We are one of the leading providers of WinForms, WPF and UWP charts. Highest performance levelcan be achieved with our charting library. Nevertheless, it is easy and cost-effective to integrate our charting library to the contemporary application development projects.

Reasons to Use LightningChart .NET

At this point, you need to know the reasons to use LightningChart. This charting library contains different components for the developers. The library is easy to integrate with the application development projects. Nevertheless, this feature-rich charting library is suitable for different kinds of application development projects. Some of the advanced features of LightningChart .NET have been discussed in the following section.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Using LightningChart .NET is a cost-effective decision. There are different types of charting controls that you can incorporate to your projects. We offer low-budget prices for the developers. Reducing development cost will help the developers to earn better revenue.
  • Functionality: LightningChart comes with unmatched ranges of features. You can get advanced 3D and 2D charts with LightningChart .NET. All charts come with customization tools which you can use for personalization of the charts. There are exclusive charts for the most demanding industries.
  • Top Performance: LightningChart .NET comes with features that assure top performance. The GPU accelerated charts do not show any lags. Massive amount of data can be represented through charts without the occurrence of flickering or delays. Charting components come with fully optimized performance.

At Arction, we have a professional technical team to provide guidance to the developers. For any technical issues, they can contact us anytime.

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