Fall is in the air, which means that at least some of the holiday plans are already well underway. With back-to-school costumes, Halloween costumes, and a number of other activities at the forefront, it’s understandable that carpet cleaning Framingham MA could be the last thing on your mind. There are, however, a few main advantages of getting the carpets washed this time of year. In reality, the following points might only inspire you to bump this service close to the top of your priority list!

1 – Perfect Weather for Dry, Quick Rug Times

Fall is the perfect window of time where it’s no longer hot and humid, and temperatures haven’t gone down to freezing. This makes it easy to open your windows, leave the fresh breeze inside, and encourage your carpets to dry with a reduced risk of mould and mildew growth. Plus, since carpet cleaning Framingham uses 80 percent less moisture during carpet cleaning relative to steam cleaners, you can dry your floors at a lightning speed of 1-2 hours instead of days.

2- Carpet Washing Increases Consistency of Indoor Air

During the winter months, you may have a list of favorite hobbies or pastimes to enjoy, but no matter where you are, the fall and the coming winter season make sure you spend far more time indoors than in the summer months. Allergens, bacteria, pollen and other toxins that contaminate the air you breathe will potentially contaminate carpets that claim to be sterile. Luckily, washing the House cleaning Framingham MA not only helps your house look the finest, it also eliminates 98 percent of allergens from the carpet and 89 percent of airborne bacteria—significantly enhancing indoor air quality and making your home cleaner.

3- Protect Your Carpets from Increased Foot Traffic and Stains

More time indoors means, you guessed it, more foot traffic and spill potential, too. This is especially the case during the holidays. But don’t worry—residential home cleaning services Grafton offers the perfect solution. This helps you to enjoy your business without fearing that your carpets will be destroyed in the process.

4 – Make Your Home Look Its Best for Guests

You’ll want your home to look clean and put together before guests arrive this holiday season, and residential home cleaning services Medfield can help with our carpet cleaning services. As the season gets busier, crossing this vital job off the list during the fall clears up your calendar so that you have one less thing to think about and can enjoy all the fun to come.

5-Follow Expert Advice to Take Care of the Floors

Experts recommend that the carpets be cleaned at least once a year to protect and reuse carpet fabrics to avoid bacteria and allergens, beyond routine vacuuming and spot cleaning. Carpet cleaning Framingham will help improve the life of your investment in carpets and make it a better environment for your homes at the same time per year.

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The Pet Stains and the Scents.

 Pick up or remove as much of the stain as you can first, then use a special Carpet cleaning Framingham MA that includes ammonia and is clearly labeled as suitable for dogs. A hot water and vinegar solution accompanied by baked soda rubbed on the stain can also be attempted. To stop staining or treat it with a strong steam cleaner, do your utmost (this will set the stain and make it harder to remove later). keep in mind that to keep pet urine, stains, and bacteria away for good, an annual routine for the removal of odors from pet urine is required.

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