For the marketers who have already moved their businesses over the web, online advertising is nothing new to them. However, they hover between which ad type to choose for a PPC advertising campaign – search ads or display ads.

Both search advertising campaigns and display advertising campaigns are noted for maximizing business sales, generating strong leads, and encouraging more traffic to the site.

Experts from a reputed PPC marketing company in Delhi often use them in their marketing efforts to deliver optimal results. You can go through the article, learn the differences, and choose them as per your marketing goal.

Here we talk about PPC search advertising campaign vs PPC display advertising campaign.

Search advertising vs Display advertising – Based on 4 factors!

  1. Search Volume: The most significant difference between PPC search and display advertising is its method of approach. Display advertising uses the push approach while search advertising uses the pulls approach. Let us elaborate on this.

Search ads are likely to be visible to those who are already looking for the particular brand or anything related to the brand’s products or services. While if you talk about the display ads, they are visible randomly to the platforms where the audience may or may not be interested in your brand.

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If you want to enjoy a good search volume for your brand, running a search advertising campaign is definitely an awesome way to kickstart your PPC marketing. Whereas, if you are not concerned about your search volume and thinking about brand awareness then display ads are the right approach.

  • Brand Awareness: Are you new to the online forum? Are you concerned about spreading your brand name across the globe? Well, nothing can be more promotional than running display ad campaigns.

In comparison with your search ads, display ads give you the chance to expose your brand to those who don’t even know about your brand. You can choose sponsorships and banners to display your brand across several online platforms.

You can choose some specific sites where you find your targeted audience is spending more time and display your ads there. This is a very simple approach where you can target people based on their demographics, interests, location, and other keywords specific to your ad content.  

  • Budget: Budget is something to consider with high priority. You can’t even think about running an advertising campaign without setting up a budget. In other words, it is your budget that decides whether you should choose a display ad campaign or a search ad campaign for your brand promotion.

Determine your budget and set out for the campaign accordingly. If you have a limited budget, you should set it for the search ad campaign. While for a good budget, display ads are a great option.

However, display ads are not likely to generate positive ROI. Whereas, with search ads, you can come up with high conversions. Just decide and spend accordingly.

  • Emergency services: Do you provide emergency services? For example, HVAC, healthcare, or plumbing services. In that case, you should start with search ads that get displayed whenever a relevant search query is made.

When it comes to urgent services, people usually make online searches with relevant keywords. Instead of visiting different websites for viewing display ads, they browse Google and tap on the ad that they find at the top. People jump to pay for such services. Hence, if you are having emergency services or products, you should choose search ads for your brand promotion.

Which one to choose – search or display ads?

Guess what, if you are capable of handling both the campaigns, you can actually work with them together. The duo attempt brings more affirmative results than one alone.

However, it’s completely your choice to introduce search ads, display ads, or both in your advertising campaign.

Why don’t you look for PPC experts available at the best digital marketing company? They usually offer paid advertising services and have the potential to craft a strategy for your business as per your requirements and priorities.


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