Generate Leads Using Social Media : Along with shifting focus to digital marketing, marketers have now started leveraging social media for a variety of purposes. One of which is considering social media as a solid lead generation tool. Over time, as the algorithms of these platforms have kept changing, marketers have been changing their approaches too.

From using it to build an online presence to now getting sales through it. Just a post on channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can help you get real leads for your business.

Gone were the days when it was easy for each post of yours to reach the majority of the followers. Now, brands have to offer value on social media to get leads in return. Optimizing social media is a great tactic for brands to get in touch and engage with their audiences and boost brand awareness.

It is not a difficult task to get customers from these platforms or hire a social media expert to be active on them and regularly interact with the audience. Along with moving users ahead in the conversion funnel, having leads on social media also helps your brand build recognition.

It is time to go beyond the traditional marketing approaches and add social media strategy to make your marketing plan more effective in today’s time. Believe it, social media marketing is one of the best strategies to generate leads Using Social Media, as it is cost-effective, needs minimum resources, and produces maximum results. It means that through social media platforms you can reach a wide set of audiences at the lowest cost.

To sustain in this fast-paced thriving environment, it is essential for brands to boost their social media and stand-out from their competition. Read this blog further, to know about various social media tactics to increase your lead quality and quantity.

Social Media Lead Generation Tactics

Start with carefully choosing platforms that are appropriate for your business. The one criteria that can be used to assess is checking which platforms are used the most by your target audience. Put in efforts to optimize only those platforms with which your target audience connects well.

There is no guarantee of success promised by any of these platforms, therefore it is always recommended to test them out and see which one works the best for your brand. For starters, you can explore the most popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Before you begin to put in efforts, know your aim and that each platform has a different kind of content that appeals to the target audience.

1. Make Your Profile Interesting

They say that first impressions leave a lasting impact on people. Your profile is the first glimpse of your work that the visitor will get. With the help of an excellent and aesthetic profile, you want to attract and convert maximum audiences. Therefore, the first step to generating business via social media is to create a great profile.

Make Your Profile Interesting

Establish your presence on various social media platforms to capture a wide audience. However, ensure that you maintain a level of consistency across platforms; this is your brand and you want to have a high recall value. Follow a pattern of posting content that is relatable to the brand. Create an aesthetic appeal for your profile to attract viewers.

Include all basic information about you on the profile. This may include your contact number, email ID, website, etc. Apart from this, include information such as how to get a newsletter subscription, where to purchase your offerings, etc.

2. Leverage & Encourage Gated Content

Followers on social media seek insightful content that adds value to their life. Include information about your products/services, insights about the industry, tips, and tricks on how to maximize your offerings, etc. Share links to your gated content. This way you can invite customers to a platform where the content is more exclusive. Eventually, you can ask your audience to sign up for more such content. This would also enable you to collect information about your customers as they sign up by potentially filling a form.

Your gated content may include a vast number of things such as blog posts, videos, infographics, white papers, reports, exclusive webinars among other things that your audience might find valuable. Identify the knowledge gap and seek to fill it with your content. This will help the customer to understand various aspects of your offerings and ultimately lead to a purchase decision.

3. Provide Incentives & Have Contests

Make your profile interactive. Try to capture their interest by including them in the activities of your page. This is a popular tactic being used by numerous businesses to attract customers. With the help of contests, you can promote your offerings on your page. This will increase awareness about your brand as your content will be shared by a large number of people by way of contests.

However, you have to give something in return to the audience to keep them interested. You may provide special offers, giveaways, or host sweepstakes. This will encourage the audience to participate in large numbers. You can also collaborate with other brands or influencers for a wider reach. However, know that not all leads from the contests will be converted into sales. Identify and filter the ones that you believe can be converted. You can offer them additional discounts or rewards to act as a catalyst for the buying decision.

4. Leverage Social Paid Lead Ads

We do prioritize and favor organic traffic on our websites, however, along with using those methods, we can use social lead advertisements to promote our content. Many famous social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter have ‘Lead Generation’ ads options available.

Paid Lead Ads

Using the ads enables you to directly target your set audience on such platforms and access potential leads. Unlike the click advertisements, these ads directly take you to fill a lead generation form instead of going to any other landing pages. To appeal to make them do this for you is that you will have to offer them an incentive like an email newsletter or access to the gated content.

Generate Leads Using Social Media, Remember that whichever tactic(s) you choose out of the four mentioned above, should align with your overall marketing plan and goals. It should also match with the audience that you are trying to approach through these. Once you are aware of what works out for your brand, optimize it and you will have a lead generating machine for your brand.

The lead generation process for businesses on social media is mainly about enhancing brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and getting new potential customers by being active and engaging with the audience.

Using the above-mentioned tactics you will be able to approach potential customers and get more sales for your brand. Basically, you will get a lead that you are expected to nurture through the conversion sales funnel for the growth of your business.

To sum it up, know that, unlike traditional marketing lead generation, on social media it is about your focus on closing a client or connecting with them. Use all of the above-mentioned tactics to deliver value and convert all the leads. Happy marketing!

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