Personal Loans: We’ve all, some time or the other, have faced a situation where expenses appear all of a sudden when you least expect them. The unwelcomed, unplanned expenses at some point in our lives leave us helpless and clueless. At such times, the only ray of hope that comes to mind is an easily accessible personal loan with the best interest rate. The concern is – with so many financial institutions and so-called unnamed lenders; it’s baffling to choose the right one with the best interest rates and easy repayment options.

Personal Loan Flexibility

Personal loans are usually unsecured loans that make them easily accessible. There’s no need to promise your assets as collateral for the loan. Hence, anyone with the mindset and capability to pay back the loan can avail a personal loan. With best interest rates and customer-friendly terms, there are scores of lenders who offer personal loans. Besides, Clix Capital’s personal loan offers are backed by flexibility, satisfaction and ease. We aim to provide an effortless experience and offer affordable personal loans for our clients, bearing the monthly cash flow cycle in mind. Here, we highlight the reasons why you should get a personal loan with Clix Capital.

1. Easily Accessible via the Online Application:

Take advantage of a personal loan from Clix Capital from the comfort of your couch. It’s not painstaking at all! Get in touch with one of our loan experts or just download our instant personal loan application, fill it out and submit it online. After you mention a few basic informations, the personal loan application will present the offer to suit your needs. You can also complete this procedure on the Clix Capital website by the help of our personal loan officers.

2. Minimum Documents:

We require minimum documents in order to undertake your personal loan application. You can do away with manual delivery of the documents. Instead, you can upload the following documents online for KYC –

  • Identity Proof (PAN Card, Passport, etc.)
  • Bank statement (3/6 months)
  • Salary slip (1/3 months)
  • Address Proof

3. Flexible Repayment Options:

Once you fill in all the essential details in the application form, Clix Capital customizes the loan offers that best fit your profile. We are sensitive regarding your monthly cash inflow and other expenses while customizing offers for you. Such help will allow you to meet your cash requirement without the burden of huge monthly EMIs.

4. Higher Loan Amount & Longer Tenure:

Clix Capital offers personal loans ranging from INR 1 lakh to 25 lakhs and 12 to 48 tenure months to pay back the loan amount.

5. Instant Approval and Disbursal:

Once your application form is completed and submitted along with the necessary documents, the following line of procedures is as easy as you think. We regulate out a quick and basic verification process in order to process your personal loan application in a snap. After the verification process is complete, your loan is disbursed within a day or two and reflects in your bank account.

6. No Restriction on Usage:

You can use a personal loan to fund immediate financial requirement or manage other long-term needs. You can use it for home improvement, medical expenses, marriage, travel expenses, car repairs and anything under the sun with our instant personal loans.

7. Transparent Process Throughout:

Clix Capital’s aim is to strive for a transparent application process method. We operate as per the loan deal signed by the applicant. There are no hidden charges or terms and conditions that would later show up during the customer’s tenure journey with us.

8. No Hidden Charges:

Unlike other lenders, Clix Capital allows you to work on part payments and prepayments against the borrowed amount without any additional charges. You may also opt for foreclosure of your personal loan at zero cost anytime post three to six months of regular repayment of your loan.

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End Thoughts

You can say that Clix Capital is your ‘one-stop’ NBFC for your financial needs. So, when it comes to overcoming the anxiety of excess expense and boosts your finances, nothing is more apt than Clix Capital’s Personal Loans. Our personal loans are pocket friendly and affordable. We also have a dedicated and experienced customer support team to guide you through the process, making it a hassle-free experience for you!

In order to reach us or know more about personal loans, call us on 1800-200-9898. Alternatively, you can also write to us at to resolve your queries around the personal loan.

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