Reception outfit ideas for the groom: A thing of beauty is a joy forever, the wedding is a big day for everyone. Whether it is a bride or the groom, looking perfect in all of the wedding functions is something they crave for.

Talking about the groom unlike the bride since he does not have a lot of heavy jewellery or makeup to put on the main attraction of his entire look is his outfit. Though there are some other accessories that a groom wears still the main centre of attraction is the groom’s dress. The outfit that he puts on is what people remember for long.

Gone are the days when there used to be a groom who used to wear only traditional sherwanis or just a simple suit for their wedding receptions. Now the time is changing and so does fashion. You just cannot stick to the same menu forever. And especially today when designers are coming up with new ideas for groom every next day.

Of course, every groom would desire to look exceptionally good for his reception as it is an important function of the marriage ceremony and a groom is an important person for the function.

These days there are a lot of different ideas and designs for the groom’s reception outfit and keeping in mind the significance of the functions as a groom you might get confused which one to choose for yourself. So don’t worry this article is all to help you with the same. Here are some of the most trending and stylish reception outfit ideas for the groom.

Trim in blue

As groom’s these days are not much into the reds and yellows. Everyone wants some funky outfit for their wedding reception. Any fashion junky would know the significance of blue as a wedding outfit and so does many prefer the same for their receptions.

This blue printed smooth blazer with a single button and matching waistcoat along with black bow tie, white shirt, black bottom wear and funky loafers is a perfect reception outfit for the groom.

Many celebrities and fashion designers have tried this look and have been in the spotlight for days. When the groom pairs it with the bride’s matching reception gown, the couple will look flawless and made in heaven.

Floral print sherwani

Since floral print is quite trending these days putting on a floral print sherwani as a reception outfit will be a good idea for the groom. Floral design is an art of arranging plants like flowers in such a way that they are very eye-catching.

And so does the work floral prints. It is a very popular and trending style these days boys or girls all prefer floral print dresses and so are the grooms. Why not try the same trend for the sherwanis. For how long do they need to stick only to those old standard styles. Now it is the time to ditch those simple and standard retro styles and move to some fun floral prints.

Floral print on some peach colour sherwani is a really good, new and trending sherwani style for the grooms. The dark red and maroon flowers on the light peach bases will be a perfect combination. You can pair this with plain white churidar and a good pair of traditional jutti will do it all for your perfect groom look.

As we know the wedding season is on and it’s a high time for pandemic going on as well putting on the wedding mask as an additional safety accessory would be a perfect choice.

The eternal black

Black has been in fashion for ages. It was popular yesterday, it is popular today and it will be popular tomorrow as well for sure. Many grooms like to keep it simple yet classic outfits, and black fits in this frame very well.

So if you are also looking for something simple, elegant and classic as your reception attire this is the perfect outfit for you. A shining black three-piece suit with a black bow tie, ankle-length boot, red sateen handkerchief in the front pocket and dark black hair is a perfect reception outfit idea for a groom.

Play with polka dots

Dotted clothes are in fashion these days. No matter whether male or female, everyone is preferring customs with dots these days. And so putting up an outfit with this trending style for your wedding reception would be a great idea for a groom.

This outfit is more likely for the grooms who have a taste in funky western wears. This outfit consists of a dark colour t-shirt with all dotted blazer and ankle-length pants paired with a nice pair of black party shoes to give you a perfect look.

So if you are also willing to try something new for a wedding reception then give those standard Colours and formal three-piece suits a break and turn yourself towards this funky reception outfit for your wedding.

The fusion of indian and western

We have all heard of different fusions. Some do it with the traditions while others do it with food. But have you thought of a fusion outfit that mixes the culture of two countries?

Sounds quite complicated, but have you thought of pairing some Indian style clothes with western wears as your wedding reception outfit. This might sound something new to you but let me tell you that this is a very trending outfit design these days that several grooms prefer for their wedding reception.

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In this outfit, you may pair a short kurta with a dark colour blazer and front pleated pants. And put it on with skinny black pointed shoes and minimal Accessories and the groom is all set with a very new, trendy and stylish outfit for his wedding reception.

Combination of black and white

As it states that opposites attract. Here is a reception outfit idea for a groom to make it true.  Black and white have always been a classic choice of people as these are the eternal colours which are evergreen, trending and liked by people of every age group.

So why not to try these two eternal Colours together. A sizzling off white texture blazer with black outlining over the lapels and edges, paired with black pants, white shirt, black pocket square, black tie and pointed shiny black shoes make a perfect trending outfit idea that would make any groom look very grateful in his wedding reception, so don’t think just go for it.

And the list is never-ending. But this list here mentions some of the very unique, trending and stylish reception outfit ideas for a groom that he can undoubtedly pick for his wedding reception and other wedding ceremonies.

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