With the desire to cut unwanted costs and to go paperless, the electronic signature app has become an important part of many businesses’ operations. More and more customers from across various sectors such as sales, e-commerce, accounting, healthcare, and recruitment have realized that choosing a free electronic signature app is the best. In the current market, many electronic signature apps are choosing the right one can be a challenging task. The electronic signature app is a seemingly small but quite impactful tool; it is extremely useful for eSign documents and Sign PDF documents online.
Many firms and individuals have adopted Electronic signatures for well-handling the high volume transactions as well as document processes. Organizations that use electronic signature apps have experienced better efficiency of document workflows. There are many free electronic signature apps but choosing the best solution to achieve the goals effectively, the contracts are one of the most important parts for any business so it is best not to rush. Here are few things to be taken care of while choosing an electronic signature app.

Ease of use

While choosing an electronic signature app, the ease of use must be given a very high priority. If the application is hard to navigate it will take many hours for the staff to understand and use it this results in the loss of valuable business time and productivity too. A good electronic signature app allows the new employees to get used to understanding the app in a few minutes, resulting in more business productivity.

Better Features

Before choosing an electronic signature app, look for the features that are being offered. It should fit all your business needs. The features like app integration, secured cloud storage, Audit trails, easy creation of templates, and end-to-end support from the team.

Business Needs

Every organization is different and its needs also change as the business progresses. But changing the electronic signature app is next to impossible. The app should be functional in every situation. The app should encompass how one can do things in all situations and must be able to cope up well if one wants to change the brand name or logo and the way they want their eSign documents in the future.


The electronic signature app should offer excellent security and encryption solutions. Using an advanced electronic signature app offers the customers and the business firm an extra surety. It is also very important that the data is well-secured and completely protected. The electronic signature app that has an externally audited framework in place to protect the data will be a great benefit. Many customer reviews also state that a secured app is the most used app and get positive feedback too.

Flexible Technology Platform

A good electronic signature app will not have a rigid process that limits its usage. Getting an app that offers a flexible technology platform will ensure maximum ROI (Return on Investment) the technology should also offer better solution and usage in different devices and also for different types of electronic signature tasks like eSign documents, sign PDF documents online, and many more.


The electronic signature app should support the growing business efficiently. Having features that support larger-scale enterprise businesses like the way the app manages the multiple teams, departments in a well manageable way. Based on the size of the company the number of users who will be using the service of eSign documents will increase too.


Choosing an electronic signature app to save money will surely streamline the business processes. Spending more amounts on the app would not be a good idea. There are many free electronic signature apps that one can try before proceeding with the purchase. Comparing all the essentialities like cost, quality, features, support, packages, and customer reviews, many electronic signature apps offer multiple packages with different feature-sets. A free trial is always a better idea. Considering the cost-effectively that is combined with the best fit for the business that also offers end-to-end security, ease of use, compliance, flexibility, scalability, and dedicated support.

Intuitive User Experience

One of the most important things that are needed to be considered while choosing the electronic signature app is the user experience. The app should be simple and intuitive, it should offer a positive user experience like reusable templates, quick navigation, and other wide features that offer easy eSign documents, sign PDF documents online.


One should make sure that the electronic signature app offers responsive and competent support especially when an issue or problem arises. The contacts that a firm sends would require signing and return and there should be dedicated support if there is any problem. One can get a better understanding if they check the reviews of the users of electronic signature apps, especially on the support and customer service.


Many customers in the current competitive market are highly relying on smartphones and tablets that allow them to securely send, sign, and manage documents on the go. The electronic signature app that very-well optimizes the signing process on all mobile devices and platforms such as iOS, Android, and the web will ensure the customers get the best user-friendly experience while e-signing documents. This level of compatibility will offer businesses to leverage instant notifications too and to keep a check on the employees are on-time and on-task.


The electronic signature app should offer a solution to easily customize the organization’s branding so that the customer won’t get confused. It is crucial to deliver a consistent branding experience around all the customer-facing channels. The app should give a seamless experience by encouraging brand trust with high adoption rates among the customers. The app should deliver highly personalized digital experiences that put the organization’s brand front and center to maintain trust and to achieve the highest completion rates.


Adapting a new technology electronic signature app is quite challenging, but the proper usage will offer many rewards and endless opportunities; it, in turn, increases the brand presence the eSign app makes the businesses work quicker and easier.