Dab rigs are sometimes referred to as bongs because of similarities in shape. However, dabs are smaller in size. They also use a different heating technique- you heat the product first for combustion in bongs while dabs rely on a heated nail to vaporize the product.  

Some people still use the bong, but lately, dabs have become the most popular tool for smoking cannabis as they are more effective. If you are looking to buy one, you will need a little guidance.  

How does the dab rig work? 

Before you run to buy the dab, wouldn’t it be wiser to first learn how it works? First, a dab is not a dancing style but doses of cannabis in concentrated form. You have already seen that dabs use a part called the nail to vaporize the product.  

What that means is that you do not consume the product directly. You will light the nail with a hand torch first, which heats up to about 400 degrees. The nail then dabs the product transforming it into vapor, which is what you smoke. 

Buying Tips 

Concentrate on the nail 

Do not focus on the design, color, or price of the dab rig. None of these matters as the nail does. They should come last. You see, the right nail affects the heating rate, which then affects the final smoking product. There are five types of nails out there. They are e-nails, ceramic, glass, titanium, and quartz.  

E-nails are not so popular because they are costly. However, they are the best if you are looking for convenience. One, you do not have to use a hand torch to light it. Two, you can regulate the temperature to your preferred level through the PID.  

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Many dabbers go for dabs with titanium nails. Titanium is strong, which means you can use the smoking tool for ages without replacing it. They also heat quite first, which is both a good and bad thing. It is good because fast is good, but fast can also be destructive when unregulated. For this reason, you need to buy a water diffuser to avoid such problems.  

Glass is the cheapest of all five mentioned. Its downside? Glass heats slowly and can easily break if mishandled. Ceramic is also not that strong but better than glass. If you are looking for something affordable but lasts a bit longer, quartz would be a better option. Quartz does not overheat; therefore, no need for a water diffuser. However, they tend to cool faster, which can be frustrating when you are having the time of your life.  

Consider the size 

The size of a dab matters a lot. As already seen, people still use bongs which you have seen they are big. That means you cannot travel with them. Dabs are small, so you can carry them wherever you go.  

Look at the style 

Dabs are available in various styles, as mentioned above. If you are just starting, you can go for a cheaper option, such as glass or ceramic. If you like the experience, you can now go for something long-lasting. The style also means that the color and fanciness of the dab matches your personality.  

Why not try a combination of bong and dab? 

Sometimes you need a little of both worlds. You want a device that can handle both the cannabis flower and concentrates. So, when you feel like smoking some weed or dab some extracts, you do not have to switch to another device. When buying, ask if it can do both. 

Do not forget the accessories. 

For the best experience, you want to have all the necessary accessories. Yet not all you find in the stores are necessary. Examples include a carb cap for trapping hit for improved hits. There is also a dab mat for keeping everything in one place, which is not.  

On the other hand, a butane torch is essential because you need it to heat your dab rig. A dabber is also needed to marry the dab with the heated nail.  

Final thoughts 

Dabbing is intended to be fun, but that is only possible when you have the right tool. For that reason, take your time to select one. Hopefully, you now know what to look for in a dab rig. If you are starting, you should know that dabbing is way more potent than vaping or smoking. Therefore, you should do it responsibly for a fantastic experience.

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