Top Neighborhoods in Mumbai: The highlights of the financial capital of India are enough to attract millions of people to want to come and live here. Whether it’s the landmark attractions, the sophisticated lifestyle, social mobility or anything else, Mumbai is the best city to find your forever home.

The neighbourhoods in and around the city offer extraordinary opportunities for first-time buyers and investors to get themselves valuable properties at remarkable prices. Examples of the price of an average 3 BHK flat in Byculla are noteworthy in this regard.

Why Should You Hurry?

Given the current situation of the region, it’s anticipated that future developments set to change the landscape will eventually affect the real estate market. Although it’s speculation to imagine what the consequences would be, it’s sure to increase the value of all properties situated near developed areas. Moreover, since the said developments are aimed at revolutionising the entire Maharashtra, it’s definitely going to have an immense impact on everything.

Keeping this in mind, it’s imperative that you think about finding yourself the ideal property now. If you’re not a local or want an idea of the Top Neighborhoods in Mumbai that could appeal to you, here’s a list you can refer to:


Bandra Kurla Complex is single-handedly the most desired neighborhoods in Mumbai. Not only is it an important commercial hub that houses big businesses and corporate offices, but it also offers state of the art amenities and facilities for the many residents that live in the area.

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You can find apartments, flats, townhouses and more types of properties to choose from in the BKC. Combined with the attractions and entertainment options available nearby, it’s a delight to be able to witness the city’s highlights from this prime spot. The neighbourhood is situated conveniently towards the southern side of the city. However, since it’s the place where everything is available, it also becomes the centre of attention for the whole city. That’s probably why everyone who works in or visits BKC is always ready to move into the area permanently.


Being one of the posh neighbourhoods of Mumbai, it’s a fantastic residential community that has earned a name for itself. Providing top-notch security and amenities that all family members can require, there’s little you won’t find in Andheri.

One of the important aspects that make Andheri a highly-demanded Top Neighbourhoods in Mumbai is a fact that many celebrities live nearby. Home to some of the most esteemed personalities that have declared it the ideal place to live in, masses are bound to follow the advice and always be on the lookout. Although you might find properties in Andheri to be costly, you can be sure that the hype and demand are actually worth it. Compared with other areas of the city, not many can compete with Andheri. 


Juhu is a prime locality that is mostly famous due to its proximity to the coast and the notable Juhu Beach. Offering amazing views of the Arabian Sea to its west, scenic horizons of Versova to the North, Vile Parle and SantaCruz to the east. Whereas, the south of Juhu is covered by Khar. This is also another locality that is home to many celebrities and esteemed personalities of the country.

Not only do you get the amenities and facilities of being near the beach, but you also get the notable attractions in the area when you live in Juhu. Countless places of worship for different faiths, hotels and restaurants filling up the coastline and the beach, along with retail options surrounding the vicinity. For those who wish to have an active lifestyle, the availability of fitness centres, gyms and parks make for a nice break. 


If you’re thinking of moving to South Mumbai, you would do well to consider Byculla as a potential locality. That’s because it’s a periphery to the major city and therefore, the property prices in the area are on the lower side, particularly when compared to So-Bo. As discussed above, there are developments aimed at changing the overall infrastructure of the region and this will ultimately affect property prices in Byculla as well.

Whether you’re looking for an investment opportunity or a forever home, you’ll find everything in the area. Suffice it to say, it’s the best place to buy a housing unit if you’re looking for a 3 BHK apartment in South Mumbai at a killer price. As a residential neighborhoods in mumbai, it might not be as upscale as BKC, Andheri or Juhu. However, it still manages to provide you with all the necessities that bachelors, young couples or families will require. 

Although this list isn’t exhaustive and more additions can be made, this should provide you with a basic layout of the city. You can use the information above to narrow down possible places for your dream home. It would be recommended to try out the latest projects such as Piramal Aranya as they offer lavish living spaces that come with state of the art amenities. Moreover, they also make sure they provide the top-tier living standard that residents will love.

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