The Sar Pass Trek is an excellent beginner’s trek for the people who need an all in 1 sort of package that is quaint villages, meadows, forests and snow covered mountains. This trail offers you a massive variety of experiences to trekkers in terms of terrains. The starting point of this trek is Kasol, that’s the haven for the backpackers from all across the world. Due to this, the Sar Pass Trek brings large weekend audience.

If your happiness is somewhat characterized by adventure and trekking, then Sar Pass Trek are the ideal choice for you. An area that provides tranquility, eternal beauty and adventure all in the same moment, the trek takes you towards Graham Village from Kasol through verdant woods.

The next day travel will put you on a steeper path through woods to achieve Nagaru Campsite. The breathtaking views of Parvati valley create all of the walking worth its while. The third day early dawn trek would take you into the majestic Ser Pass via Biskeri Thatch.

The Sar Pass Trek Price is dependent on the plan and is given in detail at the cost tab. This beautiful 5 day trek is a perfect one for those who is trying their hands in hiking for the very first time.

Among the places visited during the Sar Pass trek are “Kasol” and “Sar Pass”.

Short Pants:

Day 1:

Kasol and Grahan Village Trek (10 km, 5-6 hours): From Kasol, the Sar Pass Trekking trail follows the river stream. The trail is with gentle incline and after crossing the river flow or”Nalah” the trail becomes small rocky and steep. Grahan Village is a beautiful village surrounded by Rhododendron trees with traditional Himachali homes. Stay overnight in tents.

Day 2:

Trek from Grahan Village to Min Thach (7 km, 5 hours): We begin our trek to Min Thach after breakfast. Locals sometimes use the trail to Min Thach to get to their farms or cows. After a while of trekking, the trail opens up and offers stunning views of Min Thatch, Nagaru, and Sar Top. Have your dinner and overnight in camps.

Day 3:

Trek from Min Thach to Nagaru (8 km, 7 hours): We set out early in the morning for Nagaru, which will take a little longer now that the several parts of the trail will be under snow and making it little catchy. After trekking for 2-3 hours we will achieve our campsite. With a warm cup of tea, enjoy the mesmerizing views of the breathtaking Himalayas and Parvati Valley.

Day 4:

Trek from Nagaru to Sar Pass and Biskeri Thach (14 Kms 7 hours): Grow early morning do some stretching exercise and have yummy breakfast and get ready for the trek to Biskeri Thatch via Sar Pass was a long one. Trek uphill to the snow covered trail with views of Tosh Valley along with your perspectives of Sar Pass Top in sight that will keep you motivated to glow further. Take your time at Sar Pass shirt and eat your packed lunch before starting the downhill trek to Biskeri Thatch. Stay overnight at the Biskeri Thatch campsite.

Day 5:

Trek from Biskeri Thach to Barsheni (10 km, 6 hours): Biskeri Thach offers spectacular views of the larger Himalayan peaks and dense pine forests. Today trek is downhill through the dense woods of pine, pine and deodar. To get to Pulga and Tulga, you must first cross the stream. Cross the Parvati river to achieve Barshaini Village. Barshaini Village is the beginning point for Khirganga Trek, Tosh Valley Trek and Animal Pass Trek.

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