Difference Between Laptop and Notebook : Modern technology and computing are introducing new inventive products that are released every year. Just a few years ago, the words like iPad and laptop looked nonsense. And because they were not high machinery and were not able to connect billions of people in the world.

Due to evolution and rapid change in tech than before, it is hard to up to date with the terminology. In the computer novice, the two terms laptop and notebook are used interchangeably. Besides, it is a defined difference between these two types of portable computers. In crux, the main difference between these two different terms is functionality and size.

But they are more than portable PCs. Be careful, you are playing in the digital world, therefore, it is essential to Corporate Safety Eyewear Program for eyes protection. Because prolonged exposure to blue rays can harmfully impact your eyes forever.


In 1981, when the first laptop was invented, it was a far cry and completely different from the current invention. But in 2005, when laptop sales were exceeded desktop sales, and that was a great change in the world of a computer. In the beginning, a laptop was more popular due to its portability, compact, and freedom. In the rising demand of users in the market, laptops became the ideal solution for the office. You can visit macback.co.uk for selling your mac.

In 1989, when the first time a computer notebook hit the market. It was more lightweight and smaller than the laptop sibling. Portable and have a clamshell case, the computer notebook got its name because you can adjust in student bag or even business briefcase.


Today, notebook and laptop have major appeals due to portability. Laptops are great in size, and screen size is available from 10” to 18”. But it depends on the laptop manufacturer’s brand because they can come with bulky or slim features.

As a rule, the laptop is available with the weight of 3-10 lbs, and it can fluctuate according to the model. Like PC, a laptop is also engineered with certain industries. On the other hand, a notebook laptop is manufactured with smaller and sleeker computers than a laptop.

Typically, they have less weight than 5 lbs and have less thickness than 3 inches. But notebooks retain their supreme lightweight, and due to this portability, they have more advantage over laptops. They are consistently small size and can fit into a briefcase, school bag, and even large purses easily.

Power and performance:

Besides the title, the performance and power of the computer are absolutely determined by GPU, CPU, disk speed, RAM, and many more relevant features. Today, most computers are coming with well-equipped processing power and efficient displays.

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But they offer high-quality performance. Even low price notebooks and laptops provide satisfactory results than personal computers. Generally speaking, with the high price of laptops and notebooks, only they come with advanced features that you can avail.

Well, a laptop has a high price with the integrated features like high performance and ceiling. Standard notebooks, on the other hand, come with minimum features. Besides, they offer enough processing power to the users, but they can complete your all personal tasks without any hassle.

Offering the world of ultrabooks, the high price notebooks are available with impressive GPU, CPU, RAM, and many more features. In this situation, ultrabooks are linked with laptops than notebook siblings.

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