When it comes to ID cards, they are generally hung round the neck connected with a lanyard. Lanyards are small pieces of cord that the ID is attached with and hung around the neck. Lanyards can again be of two types: non-breakaway and breakaway.  

Determining if a breakaway or non-breakaway lanyard is better, depends on the application and comfort of use. You will want to match your choice to specific types of business risks engaged in your company.

Non-breakaway lanyards are usually more economical, but for some job responsibilities, a cord lanyard with breakaway will be the most reasonable choice.

When Do Lanyards become Dangerous?

When you think of lanyards becoming a dangerous situation, it is clear that they are dangerous for those who are close to heavy machinery and large equipment. Anything in your production line or in your factory that has lanyards may be entangled together and will cause damage or harm to your employees.

A lanyard may also become dangerous for those who work together with children. A rope can easily be caught on the neck of a child, causing harm.

Other situations when the lanyard may be dangerous, include work in hospitals, nursing institutes, mental sick wards and prisons.

A breakaway lanyard can be the answer to all these situations. A breakaway lanyard is attached to the rope with a plastic clip that give away when pulled. So, chances of the rope getting caught around the neck is greatly reduced.

Jobs that Can Benefit from Breakaway Lanyards

The first place that comes in the mind when speaking of breakaway lanyards are prisons and correctional centers. These places are full of people who can get aggressive and hurt the fellow inmates and other personnel working there. A lanyard can become dangerous in such cases, because the chance always remains that someone strangle some other with it. A breakaway lanyard can be the ideal choice in such cases, as it works as an ID while at the same time providing the necessary safety to the ones working there.

Bouncers, people working in school, including students, and people working with heavy machinery can also benefit from using breakaway lanyards. Schools, in particular, have children running all over the place and is a risky place where something hanging around the neck can easily get tangled while playing with friends or at any other time. Preventing accidents like these are a top priority for all schools and a breakaway lanyard can be just the thing that can help prevent such mishaps. The cord will easily detach itself when pulled and thus prevent an accident from happening.

No matter which industry you work in, lanyards are common everywhere. A cord lanyard with breakaway can benefit you hugely in some particular cases. As mentioned above, lanyards can become dangerous at times, and a breakaway lanyard can be the differentiating factor between life and death.

So, assess the workplace risks carefully and decide whether you’ll need a breakaway lanyard. For any type of lanyard requirements, you can always connect with us.

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