Freelancing has always been a creative opportunity for those who always follow an approach of “Be your own boss.” Not only for those who have a knack for writing but also for those who are proficient in graphic designing, painting, VR, presentation design, business development, etc. The major benefit that freelance platforms like Upwork come with is providing a broad spectrum of projects from a variety of different employers. Many aspiring employees are keen on kick-starting their freelance writing career with Upwork and experience a varied and flexible career. However, pursuing a freelancing dream is no easy feat that most of us think.

There have been many people who, just for the sake of trying freelancing, get into it and eventually give up before actually seeing the bright side of it. Some think the freelancing platforms do not help them to get more projects, while some think that pitching for work from different employers every then and now is not their cup of tea. Irrespective of the reasons, it is true that the decision of choosing to freelance as a career comes with great responsibility, and making a living out of it might appear fearful to many. However, if one gets to know some common and useful mechanics, the freelancing holds the virtue of turning the professional journey into a cakewalk.

1. Choose gigs wisely

While a professional profile matters a lot in getting assignments from platforms like Upwork, an essential thing beginners need to keep in mind is to be considerate about selecting the gigs. Those who are a novice to Upwork require to understand the concept and the whole mechanism on which Upwork operates. At Upwork, the freelancers need connections, which is a kind of rewarding token one gets in return for many activities such as after completing the profile, landing upon your first gig, or obtaining reviews from the client.

The bid you submit is one of the significant things a client will look closely at when deciding whether to seek services for you or not. Therefore, it is more important than anything to be selective about the jobs you are applying for at Upwork to ensure that you will be having enough connections that would conclusively strengthen your credibility.

2. Spend time in creating an impressive portfolio

The portfolio comes as a major play when you are on a hunt for attaining gigs from Upwork and offering best-in-class assignment help to your clients. Try to understand it in another context. If you are a store selling apparel but have zero products to showcase to your customer, how would they know what kind of quality and at which price you are selling your products? Similarly, if you have created your account on Upwork but have nothing to highlight as your past and present projects, how would you encourage clients to come and seek your impeccable service.

Have a definite portfolio for every piece of service you offer and do not overlook to mention your specialties, achievements, and skills that you laid down and incorporated while working on a project. It gives your clients a fair idea about how you have been as a person while pulling off the task. A top-notch portfolio will reflect your skills and experience level.

3. Think out of the box to get more clients

Those who are looking to paint a bigger picture with a freelance career need to think out of the box. It does not only mean that you should start doing the things and follow the approach that others are not. While that is also one of the strategies top freelancers at Upwork adapt, thinking beyond making customers and minting more money can also lead you far. In the end, it all comes down to whether you are great at providing services to the customers, or they find it average. The reviews say it all.

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Instead of telling clients that you are best at providing exceptional service at this price, show them how. That is what will entice them at the end. Moreover, when it comes to freelancing or any other industry, it is imperative to keep looking on your shoulder so that you can always have an eye on your competitors’ activity. It does not matter how talented you are unless you know what your competitor lacks at.


Do not shy away from working for free in your initial days. This is something most of the freelancers might feel apprehensive about, but if you are the one who believes in taking the long view, you should not be keeping money on priority. It does not mean that you should start working for free for every other gig that comes your way. But to start with, there’s nothing wrong in working for free as long as it helps you get positive reviews and add up to your portfolio.


Like Upwork, many other platforms hire academic writers who can leverage college students with cheap assignment writing help and eventually make them achieve their desire to acing their academic career with shining stars. Remember, if you have the skill to offer, there would be nothing that could stop you being a successful freelancer with Upwork or any other such platform.

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