When it comes to video marketing, we often stick to online reviews, brand mentions, and social media comments. Too good. But do you know, one essential factor for online reputation is video marketing?

Surprisingly, the fact is video marketing has a significant role to play in building a brand’s reputation online. The growing demand and its effectiveness have proved how important it is to pay attention to this factor when you are repairing your online reputation. Even the online reputation management agency concentrates on these things while looking forward to repairing or building a strong reputation online.

Are you excited to learn the reasons that have compelled video marketing to be one of the essential factors of online reputation? Keep reading the article and we are sure you will have a great take away in the end.

5 Ways how video marketing can boost online reputation

1. Videos can build engagement:

Videos can build brand and customer engagement. Just post a video and a textual lengthy content on social media and wait for the responses. You will find the video is attaining more viewers compared to the textual content. Well, we are not saying that textual content can’t drive consumers, but in comparison with the video content, the rate is low.

According to the recent statistics, an 80% increase in conversions is found on the landing pages containing videos. It is proved that videos can brilliantly explain emotions. They have the power to highlight the purpose for which you have created the video. Or in other words, they are an excellent way to convey the brand message to your audience.

 It can be thus concluded that videos are responsible for building conversion rates and engagement rates. This, in turn, contributes a lot to building an online reputation.

2. Videos can be induced to your email marketing campaigns:

The more the leads, the more the conversions, thus better the online reputation. For this, it is necessary to cultivate and nourish the qualified leads. Now, the question is – how?

 Email marketing is the best way to generate quality leads, partially contributing to a good online reputation score. To turn the email marketing campaigns more effective, you can include videos and watch them increase in open rates.

 The inclusion of videos in email marketing campaigns results in a decrease in unsubscribe rates. Statistics have proved that videos have amplified the click-through rates by 200-300%. People love to open the mails that contain engaging videos. This improves the brand impression and boosts the online reputation of the brand.

3. Videos encourage search engine rankings:

Videos can encourage search engine rankings. And you know, how important it is to have high rankings for a robust brand reputation.

Including a video to your website page, increases the number of viewers of your page. Not just Google, even on YouTube, you can gain high rankings and enjoy more brand visibility online. This obviously pays a lot to the brand’s reputation.

4. Videos build brand credibility:

Videos can gain brand trust and credibility for your brand. Many companies utilize this way of marketing to display their brands and to connect with the viewers.

Sharing the videos on social media helps the brand to get connected with the millions in no time. 90% of viewers trust the brands that share videos, especially the live videos. Yes, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn has a separate feature for a live session. Here you can go live and get connected with your followers in real-time.

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Videos are definitely a medium for building brand credibility. And the brand with such a strong image takes no time to gain a good reputation in the online marketplace.

5. Videos boost social shares:

Videos can increase the number of social shares. If you are a regular scroller on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms, you will find that people mostly share videos and images on their timeline. There are very few who share textual content.

Videos gain multiple social shares. And just imagine, you have created a video for your brand and it gets shared multiple times on social media. A huge group of the audience gets to view your video and you can attain a huge engagement. All these results in a strong brand impression and a good brand reputation online.

Take Away

Creating videos and sharing them on different social channels is nothing hard. You can simply choose different video creating platforms and share your unique and engaging videos on different marketing and social channels. Video marketing platform like YouTube is well-known for this.

Even though you have a hectic schedule, don’t forget to create a two-minute video for your audience. As we said, these videos have the potential to build high engagement and draw in more customers to your doorstep.Are you excited about hiring reputation repair services? Make sure you put video marketing on the list.


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