iOS Crash Reporting Tools: Creating a unique, feature-rich, bug-free app that performs well is no easy feat. From designing to developing, publishing to marketing, and maintaining your app’s performance, there are plenty of jobs developers, designers, and marketers need to get done to make their app a big hit. Being a developer, regular app maintenance is one of the most important jobs you have to perform. Detecting and diagnosing performance issues is important to ensure your app performs well and offers an out-of-the-box user experience. If your app has no unique feature, a difficult user interface design, and poor performance, chances are the user will stop using your app.

If you have recently launched an iOS app and want to make sure your app has no performance issues, it is advised to use some iOS crash reporting tools to make your app bug-free and flawless. Let’s have a look at the top 7 iOS crash reporting tools that can help you catch bugs in real-time, identify patterns, and fix issues before they affect the end-user.

1. UXCam

For many developers, identifying crashed sessions is one of the most important jobs. UXCam is one of the best crash reporting tools packed with many amazing features, such as usability testing, session replay, collecting user feedback, heatmap UX research, form analytics, A/B testing, click testing, and the list goes on and on. You can find out whether the app or the device type is causing any issues or issues.

Whether you want to check session video replays, or crash logs, with UXCam, you can easily view the crash session reports. You can easily view the list of all the sessions that have crashed. Crash reports allow marketers and developers to find out the location, unit, and time of the crash.  

2. Raygun

Raygun is a real user monitoring (RUM) tool that supports several programming languages and development frameworks. It only takes a few minutes to integrate Raygun into your iOS app, and the crash reporting tool starts collecting data. The Raygun Apple library allows you to monitor Objective C and Swift applications. Raygun’s crash reports help you identify file names and the line numbers to locate the errors, figure out the operating system and app versions, location, network, and full-stack traces.

The iOS crash reporting tool allows you to identify how many and which users are affected by the crash. You will get the complete user session information and every crash that affects your app. It gives you the flexibility to customize the crash reports as per your customers’ data and development team needs. The best part about using Raygun is that it can integrate with too many tools, allowing you to import crash data into third-party platforms.

3. Crashlytics

Crashlytics is one of the best iOS crash reporting tools that help you get clear and useful insights into the app’s performance. Crashlytics powered by Firebase is a lightweight crash reporter that helps your Dubai mobile app development team track and fix performance issues that ruin your app quality. Crashlytics saves you a lot of time by smartly grouping crashes and identifying issues that cause crashes.

With Crashlytics, you can easily find out which particular crash affects your app’s performance and identify which lines of code are leading crashes. Its main features include curated crash reports, solutions for the common crashes, integration with analytics, real-time alerts, and much more.

4. Instabug

Instabug is one of the most famous in-app feedback and bug reporting tools that help app developers to collect the most valuable data. This iOS crash reporting tool allows you to collect bug and crash reports that include console logs, environment details, and network requests to help developers fix issues faster. Furthermore, Instabug allows you to get screen recordings and annotatable screenshots to boost app performance and enhance the product roadmap.

5. Visual Studio App Center

Microsoft’s Visual Studio App Center is a great tool that helps developers to build, test, release, and monitor mobile apps. With Visual Studio App Center, you can automate UI tests on multiple devices and hundreds of configurations in the cloud by using famous development frameworks. This crash reporting allows app developers to check every UI interaction users do, detect bugs, and identify performance issues.

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Visual Studio App Center provides you with insightful and detailed crash reports that make debugging faster and easier. The real-time analytics provides you with deeper insights about user sessions, multiple devices, user behavior, and event trackers for iOS apps. Testing your app on real devices and configurations in the cloud will eventually help you grow your user base and customer engagement.

6. Countly

Countly is a great iOS crash reporting tool that can highlight crashes and exceptions in your apps and allow your development team to get them fixed quickly. One of the best things about using Countly is that it highlights the problem and resolves the issue immediately before it starts to affect your brand’s image. Countly can easily be integrated with a number of other plugins. The Countly Crash Analytics enables you to open up and synchronize JIRA issues. It can keep track of your applications’ network request and perform code level profiling.

7. Appsee

Appsee is one of the most popular mobile app analytics and crash reporting tools that allow marketers and developers to improve user experience and add more advanced features to the app. The user recording feature allows you to understand every action users perform in the app and the issues they face while using your app. Touch heatmaps allow you to understand how users interact with your app, and the real-time in-app analytics will help you understand user behavior. Crash recordings will enable you to detect the reason for a crash and any unresponsive actions they perform.  

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