Followings are the 7 remarkable android apps for the college students in 2021:


ANDROID APPS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS: With the app, the students can schedule their day easily with the colored tasks, reminders and checklist. This integrates with the Google apps, which include the Google calendar and both the app works and syncs in the device. A place in thee to enter as well as keep the notes from the file scanned documents, classes and clips from the online sources.

Chegg Books

The Chegg books lets the college students to rent or buy the text books, which can be ebooks or physical books or up to 90% less than college campus library or bookstore. The students can use the app for selling back the books for earning the extra money at the end of their semester. Other supplies of college are available for the purchase in this app. This app also provide the text-to-speech support in the e-Pub books so that the students can listen their text books whenever they want.

Microsoft Office 365 Education

Microsoft office provides the best college students with the host of the app for playing around with for totally free . One of them is the subscription to the Microsoft Office 365. The students need to enter the proper college name, email address and then they will get to access the Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote and Powerpoint. All these services support the collaboration so that the students can work on the projects with the team members. This must work for the students who have the college-specific email address and the student must have to be above 13 years.

Graphing Calculator

From the square roots to the hexadecimal and binary  numbers, the digital calculator named Graphing Calculator is designed for endorsing all. The created tables and graphs look amazing and are simple to read. To understand the content better when the students learn, the college students are given access to the assignment help website that takes them through processes and math concepts. The free edition includes the use of the Internet.


Mint lets the students build the budget that is realistic to keep track of the costs. This app has reminders of bills so they can get them paid on time to stop late fees. It provides charts and graphs showing where the money is going and gives the students advice for allocating funds elsewhere for the better budget, depending on their spending patterns. The credit score is tracked by Mint.


This is the easiest app to pass cash to or from roommates, by making it easy to share costs in a variety of ways. Instead of cash, parents will send cash via Venmo or check in the mail, which is then easily deposited into the bank account. Many supermarket and online shops accept payments from Venmo too.


The TalkLife app offers a forum for the students for venting or sharing their thoughts about the pressures of life in the comfortable place where people can empathize and encourage the students in the face of the same difficulties. Instead of dragging them around inside, it is a good way for keeping the mental health under order and downloads issues. The students can anonymously share opinions.

Topic 2: which website is best for essay writing?

Followings are the best easy writing websites:

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