High quality solar storage cylinder is an important part of the solar panel system. A 30% return from solar system comes directly from the cylinder itself. Therefore, if you only install solar cylinders in the house, instead of existing standard cylinders, you will see 30% of financial benefits, in comparison to what a person with a complete solar system will see! The reason for this is the high-density insulation, the large surface area of coils, thin fiber, etc.  

Copper and stainless steel cylinders are often used due to their sufficient capacity to meet peak loads and overall daily needs, without excessive supercharged heating systems.

Some important factors are, however, to be considered, when you opt for a solar cylinder. Here, we have discussed them. So, go through the blog and find out for yourself.

Cylinder Location

Cylinder position depends on whether the heat is transferred with a thermo-siphon or pump, and whether the open loop (direct) or closed loop (indirect) system (see the heat transfer system is used.

For thermo-siphon systems, the relative height of the cylinder and panel must be carefully designed to allow natural thermo-siphon. Some open-loop solar water heating systems use solar hot water cylinders, while other open-loop solar water heating systems can be used with remote control or existing hot water storage cylinders.

The storage cylinder can be on the roof of the solar panel, or separate, e.g. inside the roof space or exterior of the building.

Cylinder Size

Storage cylinders should be larger than a single energy cylinder, such as gas or electric, so that the solar gain is good, and the cylinder can store the available heat.

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Temperature Control

Controlling solar heating is important, because when there is solar energy, the booster system should not heat the water. Any solar system should contain a timer to close the element in the morning. The location of the element within the system is also important. If there is an element at the top of the cylinder, only the water above the heating element is heated by the solar energy.

Also, domestic water heaters must reach a temperature of 60 degree C daily to kill the organisms that might be present in the water. Care must be taken to make sure your water gets sufficiently heated to kill the organisms and provide you with clean and safe water.

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Stainless Steel Solar Cylinders

Stainless steel cylinders are different from the copper cylinders in several ways. The most obvious is the material of construction. As mentioned, stainless steel is often used in constructing solar cylinders because of the fact that they can handle high temperatures effectively, i.e., the peak and the regular average water temperatures, without getting too heated up.

So, if you are planning on investing in a solar cylinder, you can always opt of stainless steel. Apart from being able to handle a large range of temperature, they are durable and easy to manufacture on a large scale.

They can even be created to match your home decor, so that they do not look out of place.

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