School Bags In Singapore: Every era of time brings with it its own styles and trends. From flapper dresses and fur coats in the 1920’s to mohawks and crop-tops in the 1980’s, fashion and lifestyle trends have seen a massive change as time has gone on. This has been due to the fickle nature of human beings and how their brains get tired of seeing the same things again and again.

This need for change has been what has driven the fashion industry to thrive for so very long. Every year, 1.5 trillion dollars are spent on the fashion industry. This large amount of money being spent worldwide shows how important fashion is to the human race.

Children are also involved in this race. School bags in Singapore see a massive rise in sales every year when the new academic year starts. This is pure because children wish to seem in fashion and up-to-date with the latest styles when they start a new class.

So, what are the different kinds of bags that one should know about before buying one for their child?

Schoolbags – different types and styles:

While most bags are now unisex, there are some bags that are exclusive to either boys or girls.

Messenger bags

Named so because of their similarity to the bags carried by post office messengers while they delivered letters, a messenger bag is a type of schoolbag carried by both men and women. When marketing school bags in Singapore, manufacturers always make sure to include a line that has messenger bags in it. This is because of their constant popularity with older school-going students in the past few decades.

Tote bags

While predominantly carried by women, tote bags are a kind of school bag that are popular because of their ease of carrying and ease of access. Made with two large handles, children find it easy to sling on a shoulder while holding other things such as food and books in their hands. They are also roomy, which allows students to store many things in tote bags at once.


Satchels are a trendier version of messenger bags. Made to look more vintage, satchel bags are messenger bags with buckles on them which allow them to be more secure than just plain messenger bags.


Backpacks are easily the most common type of schoolbags seen in any educational institute. This has to do with their ease of access, lightweight, affordability, and spaciousness. Almost all boys and a fair lot of girls carry backpacks to school, making it a staple in stores selling schoolbags.

Cross body bags

Similar in style to messenger bags and satchels but with longer straps and less space, cross body bags are mostly carried by older students who do not need to carry as many books around campus as younger children do.

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Trolley bags

While mostly only used by primary and middle school children, trolley bags are the ones that are the easiest to walk around with. This is because the student can just drag the trolley bag behind them without exerting any extra effort, whereas carrying a bag on one’s shoulders often causes children to have shoulder pain and fatigue.


Mostly carried by older female students to appear more stylish than their younger counterparts, handbags are a versatile choice for a schoolbag. The thing about handbags is that there are several different types of handbags that one can use to carry all their things in school.


It is important to research even the minutest of things thoroughly so that no trouble is had while purchasing an item.

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