Fiber optic is the go-to solution for all the network needs in developed countries like the United Arab Emirates. Their efficient quality, high speed, and greater bandwidth have made them the priority of the users. However, network issues can occur in any type of cable, and fiber optics are no exception.

Suppose you are in the middle of a global online meeting and your network connection suddenly becomes problematic. You need to be aware of the emergency guide to restore your data connection in order to carry out the meeting. The first thing you need to explore is the type of fault in order to carry on with your emergency restoration.

Types of Fault in Fiber Optic Networks

Most people think that network connection error only occurs due to damaged fiber optic cables. However, it is not the only reason. Here are the common types of faults in fiber-optic networks.

  • Patch panel faults
  • System faults
  • Installation fault
  • Construction fault

Restoration Equipment That You Need

Once you have identified the type of fault in your fiber-optic network, you can carry on the process of restoration. However, it is not that simple. You must possess basic knowledge, a few skills, and the right equipment to professionally complete the task. Here is the shortlist of basic restoration equipment without which you cannot achieve your goal.

  • Fiber optic cleaning kit
  • Optical inspection scope
  • Optical loss test set or test kit
  • Visual tracers and fault locators
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

Keep scrolling down this article to explore the emergency fiber-optic network restoration guide in detail.

Top 7 Step Guide to Restore Your Fiber Optic Network

The constant and high-speed network is a basic need of any organization, as well as other units in this modern age. A little network disruption can put a number of activities at a halt. Therefore, having basic knowledge about emergency network restoration is crucial for all. It can be accomplished by following the definitive step by step guide.

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Here is the step by step guide to restoring your fiber-optic network.

1. Check Your Tools and Equipment

The first step in the emergency network restoration guide is to check your tools and equipment. You have explored the list of equipment necessary for the purpose; however, it is not enough. You must be aware of using them properly; otherwise, you will not be able to restore the network. Such a scenario prompts most users to acquire the service of fiber optic companies in Dubaito resolve their network issues without indulging in the hassle of managing equipment.

2. Prepare for Restoration

The second step in the process is to prepare for restoration. At the time of network installation, the professionals utilize specific equipment and strategies. All these details are recorded in documents in order to get a consultation in the future. This is when you need to check the documents and explore the equipment and strategies they have used to get started.

3. Look After Optional Arrangements

After checking the record documents, the next step is to look after your optional arrangements. Network repairing and maintenance is an essential requirement for any type of connection. The professional network installers keep this point in consideration before finalizing the connection and installation. So, explore your optional arrangements in documents to carry on the process.

4. Troubleshoot Problems

The next step in the process of emergency fiber-optic network restoration is to troubleshoot the problems. Consider the common types of fault and troubleshoot all the elements individually. You can:

  • Check patch cords
  • Troubleshoot electronics
  • Troubleshoot the cable plant

By performing these troubleshoot testing, you can easily reach the bottom of the issues in no time.

5. Repair the Damage

The next thing you need to do in order to restore your fiber-optic network is to repair the damage. You have troubleshot the problematic point. You have explored the documentary guide of your network installation and have the right equipment in front of you. All your need to do is cut the cable, replace it, or amend the problematic part, according to the type of damage it has sustained.

6. Ensure Post Restoration Arrangements

Once you have repaired the damage, your job is not done yet. You must ensure post-restoration arrangements, in order to avoid such problems in the future as well as to stay prepared for them. It requires including the details of the issue, as well as the network changes you have induced, in your document record.

7. Pay Attention to Network Maintenance

The last step that is critically important and needs your attention in the emergency fiber optic network restoration process is to pay attention to your network maintenance. If you ignore it, you are bound to face such issues now and then. You can hire fiber optic companies in Dubai to get professional installation, as well as regular maintenance, which will save you from the hassle of hiring maintenance professionals frequently.

Learn emergency network restoration to save your face!

Network issues can occur at any time. Consulting the experts in shirt time might not be an option for you. However, you can learn emergency restoration to save your face in a tough situation. An even better option is to get your network installed by professionals who offer regular maintenance to save you from such issues in the first place. So, do not think too much and consult the professional service providers now!

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