Generating maximum ROI is the main goal of every entrepreneur. Business owners work with dedication and try every possible way that leads to maximized business revenue. Out of all the hacks to grow your business, mobile app development is the best one. With the growing use of mobile devices or smartphones, developing a mobile app is not an option but a basic necessity for businesses. Being a business owner you must invest your money in the right business strategy.

Investing in mobile app development is surely an expert move to maximize your business growth. But, how much do you need to invest? How much will it cost to create your dream mobile application?

Well, the mobile app development cost is governed by many factors. The overall app development cost depends upon numerous factors. In this guide we will discuss the major factors that influence the cost of developing a business-oriented mobile app.

  • Platform (iOS, Windows, Android)
  • Features and infrastructures
  • Type (Mobile Game, Social Networking, Business, Shopping, etc.)
  • Design (Basic, Individual, Custom)
  • Number of Screens

If you hire a mobile app development company they will consider the key factors mentioned above and based on that they will let you know about the investment. You will receive a quotation for taking mobile app development services from them. Not only this but there are some more cost calculating factors of proficient app development.

Number of Features

Advanced and user-friendly features are the signs of a successful mobile app. The more features you add to your app the more you need to invest. Instead of creating a new app for the most recent features, keep your app updated and timely introduce its latest version. It will maintain your brand recognition and also increase your ROI.

basic features of a mobile application are:

  • Built-in analytics.
  • Clear navigation.
  • Timely launch of updated version
  • Engaging UI/UX design.
  • Customization and smart notifications.

Third-party integrations

You can implement features like live location tracking, payment wallets, and other advanced features. To reduce the cost of MVP you should focus on custom-made features in your app. You should fulfill the customer’s demand by delivering faithful services, features, and functionalities in your app. To implement such creative features you need to invest in third-party integration. 

Mobile App Design

Designing is the most crucial aspect to attract visitors and make your app engaging. You must add premium graphics and images to make your app look interactive. UI/UX design is the initial stage of development that starts with a wireframe, followed by a business strategy.

Whom Do You Hire? freelancers vs. app development agency

To develop a mobile app you can hire a freelancer or an experienced mobile app development company. Freelancer and agency are the two types of vendors that can convert your app ideas into reality. Both the options have their own benefits. If you hire renowned app development company then you will be having the following benefits:

 If you choose a custom app development company then you can take the following benefits:

  • Reliable services
  • All the required services under one roof
  • Seamless communication
  • Quality work
  • Proper project management
  • Accountability

Mobile App Idea

A perfect idea leads to great innovation. The type of app you choose as per your business requirements will cost you accordingly. There are a variety of options available and you can choose the suitable one. If you are a startup then here is a list of top mobile app ideas.

  • Health and fitness app
  • Food ordering app
  • Tour and travel app
  • Money Lending App
  • Beauty Salon App
  • AI-Based Picture Translation App
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Mobile App
  • Virtual Health App
  • On-demand delivery app
  • App for Baby’s Daily Needs

Special effects using AI and Animation

Applications filled with great animations, special effects, color schemes, and most importantly AI features look more classy and interactive. Artificial Intelligence is transforming the mobile app industry with more unique features. It takes more investment to implement AI-like gaming apps are the best example of AI-based mobile applications. If you want your app to be a center of attraction on the app store then you can opt for the AI.

Hybrid v/s Native App Development

Native apps are those that aim to provide an amazing user experience, fast work, and optimization. Native apps process-wide array of features and offer a seamless experience. Hybrid apps are built to perform on numerous platforms. These are less optimized and also cannot provide user experience as much as native apps. You can choose the one as per your budget as both the types will differ in terms of cost.


It is a little bit hard to commit a fixed cost of app development as it depends upon different factors like platform, development process, tech stack, and many more. You need to take important factors under consideration that can calculate the overall cost of app development.


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