Good Computer Programmer: So, what does a programmer do, and how do you become one?

Ask around, and you will find an astonishingly large number of people saying that they are all geeky individuals who learn some programming languages and sit in front of the computer, writing lines & lines of code. And, they might answer the second part of the question by stating that all anyone needs too is learn some programming languages.

Well, they could not be more wrong!

If you too harbor such appalling misconceptions AND wish to learn how to become a programmer, then this article is for you. So go through it and learn what it takes to become a crack coder.

Becoming A GOOD Programmer

So, how to become a Good Programmer?

Contrary to the consensus, becoming a good programmer does not involved writing lines & lines of code or learning every bit & inch about a particular programming language.

Becoming fluent with a programming language is hugely beneficial as almost every application has lines of code running behind the scenes. But, a competent programmer MUST LOOK BEYOND the code and the features of language or a system.

  • Becoming a capable computer programmer is not just about learning various programming help languages.


There are hundreds of thousands of course and professional programs on computer programming and different programming languages. However, you may complete all such courses and learn many languages and yet fail to write working codes if you cannot brainstorm on a problem or approach one from different angles.

  • PROGRAMMERS MUST BE ABLE TO THINK PRAGMATICALLY. They must learn to approach a problem practically and look at the larger context. Pragmatic problem solving is an attitude that differentiates an average programmer from a good one.
  • A good programmer COMMITS TO WRITING CLEAN CODES. They strive to craft lucid, efficient, potent and make the best use of the resources at hand without straining the programming environment.
  • Professional software developers or programmers work on million-dollar software projects and deliver applications to a wide variety of clients. Therefore, THEY MUST LEARN TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PROGRAMS THEY DESIGN.

A good programmer must learn to accept and be responsible for the codes that they design. From fixing bugs to testing codes, a programmer must learn to care for their craft as profoundly as possible.

Computer Programmer
  • QUALITY is a priority in programming. The cleaner your code, the better its performance and the better the results. Programmers need to love their programs and applications like their own child.

As a computer programmer, you may design large-scale applications that work with different systems, run on multiple environments, have numerous versions, and have various dependencies. Naturally, bugs, crashes, and incompatibilities will be inevitable.

Unearthing & resolving problems, debugging, and correcting poor code is part and parcel of a coder’s life. However, it is not just about writing codes and getting things done; you must ensure that it runs well under any circumstance and does so as much as anyone wants it to.

  • FLEXIBILITY AND ADAPTABILITY are two critical qualities of any good programmer. You need to work you around obstacles, solve your problems, and adapt to changing requirements, objective, system environments, and ever-changing technologies.
  • Another essential quality for any programmer is CREATIVITY. Creative faculties such as vivid visualization & astounding imagination capabilities help in:
  • out-of-the-box thinking,
    • developing multiple perspectives of  a problem,
    • conjuring different problem solving methods,
    • inferring the best problem solving approach;
    • deducing how best to use language features;
  • INQUISTIVENESS and A THIRST FOR KNOWLEDGE help us learn and become better. For computer programmers, a hunger for learning new things and exploring different techniques & technologies will contribute extensively to their development.

The points above are, in no way, an exhaustive collection of information about how to become a good programmer. But, they highlight some of the most critical qualities and characteristics a programmer must cultivate within.

All in all, it is a programmer’s mindset and attitude towards learning & their work that defines their skills and success.

successful programmer


Next up, let’s take a look at the academic & technical aspects of becoming a programmer.

Becoming The Perfect Programming: The Technical Side of Things

  • If you have no idea about  & programming, then you have to start from scratch. First, you will be computer sciencehomework helped to learn about how computers work & how programs interact & instruct machines to work.

Whether you are studying in any educational institution or doing any online course, as a novice programmer, you must get some clear ideas about how programming languages work on computers besides learning the language itself.

And BASIC, LOGO, and C are some excellent languages for starters.

  • If you possess some or substantial ideas about computer programming, then intelligence, hard work, lots of practice, and acquiring new knowledge must become the best of the best.

Up-skilling by learning new languages, studying everything about a particular language in absolute detail, AND cultivating algorithmic thinking with a habit of writing clean codes will indeed set you on the path to becoming a COMPETENT & PRAGMATIC PROGRAMMER.

  • Read books, take java homework help classes, and join forums like GitHub, Geeks For Geeks, and Stack Overflow. Interact and discuss with coders and developers to expand your knowledge.
  • Invest some time and money in learning new languages. Varied MOOCs and free knowledge resources have made it extremely easy to learn new languages and different programming paradigms.
  • Stay updated with the latest happenings in the world of computer science and technology. Science Daily, MIT Technology Review, GitHub, Wired, Stack Overflow, W3 Schools, Developer Tech, etc., are some of the best places to learn and find the latest news in science and technology.

Now, what are the top 5 programming languages necessary to become a programmer? Which programming language should you learn to become a coder?

The University of Berkeley in California, the USA, published an article where they listed the following languages in terms of their popularity:

  1. JavaScript is in the number 1 spot because it is used in designing almost every website on the Internet.
  2. Python commands the second spot due to its simplicity, versatility, and diverse capabilities.
  3. HTML and CSS hold the 3rd and 4th spots, respectively, due to their all-pervasiveness.
  4. Java comes 5th, and SQL is at the 6th position.

Check out the article here. It takes several factors such as online queries, Github pull requests, industry dominance, and other credible rankings to develop its popularity indices.

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programming community


TIOBE Index for June 2021 is a programming community index that’s respected across the industry. It bases its rankings by gathering the opinions of industry leaders, courses, third-party vendors, and primarily search engine hits.

  1. C is the most popular language, ranking at the first position.
  2. Python is a close second.
  3. Java and C++ are at third and fourth positions, respectively.
  4. C# and Visual Basic are 5th and 6th.
  5. JavaScript occupies the seventh position in this index.

Thus, the top 5 programming languages to learn today are Python, C, C++, Java, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript (you will NEED to learn them together).

And that rounds up this little article on how to become a top programmer. Hope this write-up educates and motivates you to learn more & excel. All the best!

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