Android App Developer: Mobile apps are earning lots of prominence since the innovation of smartphones. You will be shocked to know that the mobile app revenues globally went more than the US $365 billion in the year 2018. Statista has revealed that mobile applications are expected to generate more than US $ 935 billion by the year 2023.

Android has consistently earned its position as the top operating system in the global market. It will certainly hold its position in the coming few years. So, this is the right time to hire Android app developers for the development of Android apps. 

It’s true that for every entrepreneur their app idea is their baby. They won’t be looking for an inexperienced and irresponsible Nanny to take care of their brainchild. 

Since now you have a great app idea you need to find the best Android app developers:-

Hiring the best Android app developers can help you to build engaging and successful Android apps. These apps will make your brand stand out among the competitors. Let’s delve further to find out how you can hire Android app developers who can develop a successful project in 2021:-

1. Technical skills

Not every developer has got the technical skills to debug, compile, and write the codes for Android apps. You should hire an Android app developer who has the above-mentioned skillset. Mapping and hiring Android app developers is a challenging task. Read further to find what you need to do:-

  • Prepare a specialized technical description  

Accumulate every assignment and business necessity in a single document. While searching for an Android app developer, you can share your app idea documented with them without much of a stretch. In this phase, you must check what your competitors are doing and how they are targeting or exploring the market. 

  • Pick the most adequate engagement/ contract model

You can develop your Android apps in different ways. You can outsource Android app development services or employ an in-house Android app development team. Employing an in-house team is the most costly approach. Hence, most entrepreneurs outsource their projects. Nowadays, businesses opt for this option because they can have access to the talented pool of Android app developers at a lower cost.

 For example, businesses hire Android app developers from India because they are reliable and affordable. These developers have a reputation for developing quality projects using agile approaches.

  • Technical interviews

You must always hire Android app developers by conducting their technical interviews. Ensure to evaluate the reviews and portfolio section of the developers. You will get an idea of whether they have developed a project similar to yours. So, while during the process of development, you can be assured that you will proficiently handle the challenges. 

You must check their ratings and reviews on the leading platform for Marketing and IT development services such as GoodFirms and Clutch. Here, the existing clients share their feedback on the business service providers. So, you can clearly identify how the developer works. You can easily flag the red signals and make the right choice. Make sure you evaluate every perspective of your developing partner. 

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Note:- You must never consider Freelancers for your Android projects. You must choose an agency. They will offer you quality full-stack Android app development services. This means you do not have to hire another team for professionals such as UI/ UX designers, analysts, testers, etc. These developers will have impeccable experience in working and developing for different arrays of industries. Thus, it can guide your project in the right direction. 

2. Do not forget to check the experience of Android app developers

Check the experience of the Android app developer. As mentioned earlier, you can check their portfolio to identify if they have developed similar projects as yours. Give them a short homework, see whether they can develop you a unique work from your competitors. 

3. Evaluate the communication skills

Even though communication must not be the major factor, you must not overlook either. For example, you assigned a specific task to your Android app developer if they do not understand your requirement. You will not attain the product as per your desire or expectations.

This is not only a waste of your money but also your time. This will only delay the launch of your product in the market as you have to go through the same process of mapping and screening the Android app developers. 

Hence, if you have a close check on this at the initial stage, you can make a quick launch in the market. 

Point to remember:-

Numerous entrepreneurs are contributing and launching their app idea. You do not want to run late to target your potential audience. 

4. Be clear about your expectations

Make sure you brief them about your requirements and expectations in the initial meeting itself. Hence, you can set aside all the conflicts at bay and expedite the process of development. So, make sure you communicate with them at the initial place itself.

5. Thoroughly interview them

Always do a rigorous interview before you hire Android app developers. You can seek the assistance of good experts to interview you. Other than this, make sure to check the programming tools they are using for the development process. You can also check whether they will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that your app idea won’t be disclosed anywhere else.

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