Construction is one of the most profitable yet riskiest businesses in society. The parties involved in construction projects often face issues of delays and claims. They may be able to identify the issue behind delays and resolve them through mutual understanding; the issues related to claims often lead them to conflict and legal proceedings.

The claims issues are more prevalent in the countries which are facing a rapid progression in the construction industry, like the UAE. The onset of Dubai exhibitions has significantly impacted the progress of the industry, as the investors need to build the site of the exhibition and accommodate thousands of international visitors.

In such a scenario, wasting time by indulging in claims can cause immense loss to the involved parties. Therefore, they rely on professional construction claims consulting companies and ensure to identify and resolve the claims in a smooth manner. They follow the opinion of the experts to resolve the issue and avoid causing any loss to the project and its market reputation.

This article will emphasize the importance and ways of identifying the construction claims rightly in your projects.

Top Four Claims Identification Tools and Techniques in Construction

Identification of the claims is the basic step towards their resolution. When the parties involved in the construction project will not be aware of the matters or issues which contributed to the claim, they will not be able to ensure its resolution. Not making the effort of resolution will spread the word in the market, and it will negatively impact the value of the project, so claim identification is necessary.

The following are the most common but useful tools and techniques to identify construction claims in your projects.

Review Contract Scope and Terms

The very first tool of claim identification in the construction industry is reviewing the contract scope and terms. This is the basic detail of the construction project on which all the involved parties agree before starting the project.

So, review the scope and terms of the contract to identify what elements and conditions were considered at the time of making the agreement.

Evaluate Documentation

The second tool or technique of claim identification in the construction projects is the evaluation of the contractual documentation. At the start of the project, the parties are often aware of the few challenges that can come in their way and develop the strategies of their resolution.

The evaluation of the documents will make it clear for the parties if the issue as addressed or not. If it is not addressed, they can process the claims according to the set procedure.

Analyze Extra Time and Work

The third tool of identifying claims in the construction projects is the analysis of extra time and work done. If the parties have made any extra effort in terms of time or work scope, it would have been due to any issues in the project.

The reason for the issue can be any, but the inclusion of extra effort and resources can pave the way for a claim if the concerned authorities do not make sound compensation.

Utilize Expert Judgment

Last but not least, the tool or technique of identifying claims in the construction project is the utilization of expert judgment. The involved parties may not be able to identify the type of claim applicable to any given situation and indulge in conflict over the matter.

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The experts provide perfect guidance in this regard, so consulting them is the best suitable option. You can acquire the services of experienced construction claim consultants in Dubai and identify the type as well as the need for a claim. You can also ensure to resolve the claim without creating any hype or bigger issue by trusting the suggestions of the experts.

Final Words!

Issues in construction projects are risky because they can ruin the market value and reputation of the project. So, do not let any issue destroy the effort and hard work of all the people involved in it due to some claim issue.

Seek the advice of professional experts and ensure smooth resolution of any type of issue as well as smooth progress of the project.

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