Taxi dispatch app: In recent decades technology has been revamping almost every sector of business and the result is smart solutions. Out of the various business upgrades that happened these years, the ride-hailing or on-demand taxi services stand at the peak.

For business venturalist like you, kick-starting a business in the ride-hailing services will be the optimal decision you can ever consider. If you are about to invest in ride-hailing services, then you have to know about the Uber clone app. This blog will cover almost everything about the taxi dispatch app that you need to know.

Need for automating your taxi-hailing services business

Automation has completely changed the way we carry out mundane jobs. With digitization, every service can be taken online. Taking your services online not only helps users to book services conveniently but also has a positive impact on your business too.

With ride-hailing software, you can automatically accept booking requests, map them to drivers, and manage the entire workflow. Also, the app has in-built analytics that lets you know what your users prefer and what are actions they take inside the app.

All you need to know about the Uber clone app

The Uber clone app is a ride-hailing software that is pre-built and ready-to-launch. The taxi dispatch app is designed based on inspiration from the Uber app. Know what a Uber app is? Uber, a ride-hailing app that is based out of the U.S is the market leader in taxi-hailing services. Other than on-demand taxi services, the company offers numerous on-demand services that have gained high popularity among users. Uber for a reason!

Inspired by their business model and app functionality, the Uber clone app came into existence. Let us see the app’s workflow, business model, and features in the upcoming sections. Keep following!

The business model of the app that will inspire you to launch one

The main idea behind the app is to offer on-demand taxi services to users seamlessly. Passengers, drivers, and admin are the stakeholders of the app. The app employs 2 algorithms based on which the services are delivered to users. Let us walk through the 2 types of algorithms.

Customer pick model

In the customer pick model, the customer or the passenger can choose the driver he/she wants. Once the passenger selects the taxi service, the app will display a list of drivers along with their profile details. The passenger is free to choose the driver based on their reviews and the distance in which they are located currently. The passenger can interact with the driver and request him/her to take up the ride.

Driver pick model

Here, the app will automatically assign rides to drivers based on their availability and location. Once the user requests for the service, the app will direct the request to the nearby drivers. The driver will receive the notification regarding the ride request. The driver can accept or reject the ride according to their availability preferences.

The model workflow of the ride-hailing services app

  1. The user and the driver will sign up for the app after successfully completing the registration process.
  2. The admin will verify and approve the profiles of users and drivers.
  3. The user will enter the trip details constituting the source and destination locations.
  4. Based on the user’s location, the app will generate the list of taxis nearby.
  5. The user will book the taxi and wait for the confirmation.
  6. Meanwhile, the request will be sent to the concerned driver and the driver will head towards the user’s location.
  7. Until the driver reaches the user’s place, he/she can track the driver’s location.
  8. Then the driver will pick up and drop the user at the destined location.
  9. The user will make the payment either through cash or available digital payment modes.

One of the most important aspects of the app is the features. The feature set of the app will define your services. Therefore it is of crucial importance to have these features in your on-demand taxi services app.

Crucial Features Of The User App

One step login– In general, users may find it annoying to complete the registration process as they have to enter numerous data. To ease this process, the app has a social media login feature. Users who own social media accounts can directly log in to the app.

Schedule rides- Users who wish to book rides at a later date can opt for this feature. All they have to do is enter the corresponding date and time.

Rate cards- Rate cards will calculate and generate the fare of the taxi service. Before confirming the ride, the user can check the rate card and decide whether to confirm the ride or not.

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Live tracking- The user can track every movement of the driver until he/she reaches the user’s location. Other than tracking, the user can even guide the driver through voice instructions.

Digital receipt- As everything regarding the service is automatic, the receipt generation is also automated. The user will receive a digital receipt comprising the ride details at the end of the ride.

Crucial Features Of The Driver App

Booking alerts- The driver will get instant alerts regarding the ride requests. Once the driver accepts the request he/she will get direct guidance from the app.

Cancellation alerts- Similar to the booking alerts, the driver will also get notifications when the user cancels the ride.

Booking updates- The driver will be presented with the number of requests. He/she can choose the next ride by looking into the taxi dispatch app.

Invoice- The driver will get the invoice details for the ride completed. He/she can get to know the revenue details from the app itself.

Features Included In The Admin Panel

CRM- The admin can look after the overall taxi services using the CRM. It will depict every in-app activity from incoming ride requests to user behavior.

Revenue management- Revenue management is one of the hectic tasks in a business. But with this app, you can distribute the revenue to drivers and manage payments from users efficiently.

Resource tracking– The admin can track the vehicle’s location until it reaches the destination. This is to ensure that the driver is riding in the right direction. This will also ensure the security of the passenger.


In this era of enhanced business solutions, launching the taxi dispatch software will be of great scope for your business. Enclose this opportunity in your favor and build a taxi booking and dispatch app like Uber.