Fit and healthy at home: A place where we come for comport and relaxation is our house. A place of peace and for enjoying our free hours after a long working time. But if we are unhealthy and unfit we can not get this comfort even at homes and this place also becomes uncomfortable for us. So our happiness and happy way of living is directly relates to our good health. Healthy body has a healthy and sound mind and both make our life sound and happy.

Is seems to be difficult and challenging to get fitness and health at home and live a good, healthy life. But now its not tough to how can you stay fit and healthy at home. By adopting following easy exercises we can get a complete fitness at home with basic home tools.


As we all know that skipping is a wonderful physical activity and best  exercise. It is a full body workout which we get from a series of exercises. It is one exercise but has a lot of benefits in itself. It can be done just by a rope a basic tool. As we played with a rope in our childhood as a enjoying game. Just like that we can use this rope to keep us fit and healthy at home. Majority of people lean towards skipping rather than running because of its matchless benefits. A rope can be use differently to stay our body fit and healthy at home. Skipping burns more calories than running. It improves our heart rates. It tones our Muscles in Lower and Upper Body . Improves our skin and turned it into a healthy skin and also improves our bones density. It Helps Attain balance and coordination. We should spare our 15 to 20 min for skipping daily to stay fit and healthy at home.

2. Squats

fit and healthy at home

Fitness experts recommend the squat as one of the most beneficial exercise people can do every day at home without any expensive equipment in short time. 3o squats  in a day will keep you away from the doctor. Daily squats will help you mentally and physically fitness and you will stay fit and healthy at home. It is most powerful to maintain legs muscles and claves.

3. Push-Up

Push-ups are a very famous exercise among people to stay fit and healthy at home. It tones your muscles. people do not know that how many push-ups they must do in a day, and how to push-ups correctly to stay fit. It directly depends upon your ability of doing reps. Do not do more push-ups if you have not enough ability. Like other exercises it is also very beneficial to stay fit and healthy and every one can do it at home easily with right angle.

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  • It considers one of the most practicing full-body exercises for fitness.
  • it is suggested  that take your  reps for one set and same using that to calculate your goal.
  • If you can do fewer than 20 push-ups in a row, your daily goal should be 45-70


fit and healthy at home

You should adopt the following steps, If you want to do a push-up correctly:

  • Firstly lie down on your stomach.
  • Keep both   palms on the sides of your face side, a little wider than your shoulders,  push your body upwards using  hands and legs.
  • Remember to use your core muscles to bring your body up, and not arms.
  • Your legs, hips, and back should be in a straight line to do push-ups perfectly.
  • Than Bring the body back down, until the chest nearly touches the floor.
  • Take a pause for a few seconds or so, and then push  body back up.
  • Push-ups are very popular and amazing exercise to stay fit and healthy at home.

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