With the internet ruling the 21st century, businesses have to adopt newer strategies to market themselves effectively. As the traditional marketing tactics take a backseat, the time has come for digital marketing to pick up the helms.

The easy access to the internet worldwide has opened up the entire world as a potential market for businesses, both big and small. Altogether, more than 4.72 billion people use the internet, with more than 900000 new users joining every day.

This current scenario allows you to take advantage of the vast global audience and increase the exposure for your business through digital marketing.

If you’re starting digital marketing or planning to notch it up for your business, the technical jargon will undoubtedly leave you confused. But don’t worry! Digital marketing isn’t too complex. Let’s look at the five effective strategies that you can adopt to lift your business off the ground.

1. Use your social media handles effectively

If someone asks you to mention a few social media platforms, you’ll instantly be able to name Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, among others. At the start of 2021, reports confirm that social media users numbered around 4.33 billion. This number is more than 55% of the entire global population!

Creating an account on such platforms is free. Therefore, you can save your marketing budget for other purposes. Social media marketing might not be their first preference for established businesses, but for start-ups and small companies, it is the holy grail to reach a wider audience.

If you use your social media handles properly, you can:

  • Improve your audience reach and exposure
  • Develop loyal customers
  • Generate leads
  • Increase your sales

Coming up with creative and unique content can help keep your audience engaged and increase the chances of conversion. You can handle multiple social media platforms using tools like Hootsuite and Hubspot for scheduling posts for different timezones.

Focus on building your customer base on social media before you venture into applying marketing tactics.

2. Improve your SEO scores


If you think creating a website will help you get plenty of customers, then you’ll be up for a rude awakening. In digital marketing, your SEO scores are what matters the most.

Suppose you have a new website that provides students an algebra calculator to do their homework. When you search for the same on Google, you’ll notice that the search engine will present you with multiple website links that offer the same service.

60% of the time, people will always click on the first two or three links. Hence, it would help to improve your SEO ranking on Google if you want your business to rank at the top of the search results.

A few ways you can do this is by:

  • Writing SEO focused, unique and engaging content
  • Improving the loading speed of your website
  • Using headers and bullet points to make your content easy on the eyes
  • Generate backlinks
  • Provide a good user experience

As long as you work on these aspects, you’ll see a slow and steady increase in your traffic. Organic CTRs can go a long way in helping your page achieve a high rank.

3. Hiring an influencer

Pierre Omidyar once said, “We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” If you wish to empower your business, you need to use the right digital marketing tactics to grab these “large numbers of people.”

An effective way to achieve this result is by hiring influencers.

An influencer is any person who has a massive number of dedicated followers and is adept at promoting content. You’ll have to do plenty of research to figure out which promoters will be the right fit for your business. 

Finally, when it comes to negotiations, some promoters will agree to give a shoutout to your business in exchange for free products. However, most of them will ask for a promotion fee. Therefore, it is vital that you do your research and not decide based solely on the number of followers.

4. Going viral on the internet

There is nothing more advantageous for a business than going viral on the internet, of course, for the right reasons. It is an instant solution if you wish to reach a wider audience.

However, having your content go viral on the internet isn’t going to be an easy task. You’ll have to come up with entirely whacky and unique content to hook your audience and have them engage with it.

Once you are viral, you’ll see a significant increase in traffic to your website. Your next task should be to convert this engagement into purchasing customers.

5. Email marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies

While email marketing isn’t the most effective option for digital marketing, it still produces impressive results if you know the right way to handle it.

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Most businesses make the mistake of spamming their customers with promotional emails. Most of these end up in the spam folder of the inbox. If it doesn’t, there’s a high probability that the customer will unsubscribe from your emails if you keep pushing this tactic.

Let’s look at some tips to make the most of an email marketing campaign:

  • Keep it short and simple – No one wants to read blocks of text in an email. Use bullet points or infographics to inform your audience.
  • Hook them with the subject line – If your subject line is boring, most people will delete the mail without opening it. Keep the subject engaging.
  • Highlight the benefits – Explain to your customers in brief what benefits they can avail themselves of from a limited time offer or a newly launched product.
  • Mobile compatibility – Ensure that the email is easy to read on mobile phones.
  • Final touches – Always add a professional signature in the end along with a CTA.

Email marketing can be highly beneficial to raise brand awareness and bring traffic to your website. Trying to make your emails more personalized will bring in better responses over time.

Summing it up,

Digital marketing is the most effective option to grow a worldwide audience for your business and improve customer loyalty. It helps you to engage with the consumers directly and effectively address any issue that might arise. Moreover, it is the perfect tool to survive in the highly competitive business market.

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