Healthy and Balanced Diet for Women: It is a very famous saying, ‘you are what you eat’ at least a woman is.

And a lot can be said about her if there is a balanced diet to supplement her.  It is an accepted fact that she is likely to receive several compliments just maintaining this – a balanced nutritious diet for her upkeep.

A cornerstone for health, a balanced diet in a woman’s’ meal ranges to be slightly different from men’s. It should ideally compromise whole wheat multi-grains, seasonal fruits, colourful and leafy vegetables in ample amounts. These healthy fats that act as negative calorie, and fat-free protein to retain a healthy and beautiful self-complemented with enough exercises to rejuvenate the mind and body.

A balanced diet has a positive role to play: A nutritious diet is not only a requirement for a healthy body; it allows room for the body to remain fresh and active and be actively involved in everything the body does. A healthy body also does not allow room for any illness.

Therefore, a woman needs to stay within the body’s’ daily calorie requirements. And this has several factors like age, height, work activities that decide the required diet. A diet of a woman having a sedentary lifestyle would be different from those physically active throughout the day.

Guidelines for a healthy diet

Any authentic guide for a healthy meal for women, whether coming from a dietician or a health magazine, recommends that a third of the portion needs to be met consuming fruits and vegetables.

Nutritionists recommend a minimum of at least six-seven seasonal fruits and seasonal vegetables in a day. Not leaving out the whole grains, fish and poultry, pulses and red meat and all that it needs to checks to maintain a low-fat content by cutting down on red meat and saturated fats.

However, this alone is not all; there is also an ideal time to maintain eating protein, carbs and fats, supported by the nutritionists. There is a reference index (RI) for strengthening the diet that is ideally referred to and fixed for 30grams of nutrition per day.  And the break-up provided by different sets of guides may vary.    

  • Energy – 2000kcal
  • Protein – 50g
  • Carbohydrates – 260g
  • Sugar – 90g
  • Fat – 70g
  • Saturates – 20g
  • Salt – 6g

And the ideal portions advised by the meal guides is a fistful of parts that should make it to the plate, with at least ideally four full meals a day or small meal size can also reach 4-6 times a day, if the urge for food is too often, by cutting on the portion of the meals.

Breakfast – Should ideally be of protein

This is because it is the first meal of the day that kick-starts the body metabolism resting for as long as 8-10 hours at night.

Breakfast should have a protein intake. A protein-rich diet like oats, eggs, pulses, and lean ham helps cut the calorie and protein takes longer to digest, thereby giving the stomach a satiety feeling.

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However, on missing a breakfast, there is all likelihood to trigger the body’s glucose content, which can play havoc. Strange as it may sound skipping breakfast can lead to reverse; it calls for more weight gain. Therefore, it is always recommended to start the day with a healthy breakfast for a fruitful day.

A midday snack meal

Healthy and Balanced Diet for Women: Women who need to retain a healthy body should give midday snack meals a try despite a sedentary lifestyle. Most women have found this productive, spreading their four meals into smaller five-six servings, mostly, because they have not been able to do justice with one huge serving, even if as much as a fistful in one time owing to several reasons.

To start your day, try oatmeal biscuits instead of snacks buttered with margarine or a banana or a citrus fruit depending on the season that prevails and produces a seasonal fruit time. They are enriched with water content and nutritious enough to build immunity in the body. You can snack on:

  • Almond Butter
  • Bean Feta
  • Herb Dip
  • Spicy Chickpeas

Lunch – Should ideally be a perfect balance between proteins and carbs

An ideal lunch needs to balance protein and carbs, without which the energy levels in the body are bound to dip low. The important aspect here is increasing the blood sugar level, settling for high whole grains-fibre like multi-grain bread, baked beans or kidney beans, lean chicken and ample water content to keep the body hydrated metabolically active.

While the mid-afternoon post-lunch session can ideally be set to please the sweet-tooth cravings with fruits that satisfy your taste buds sprinkled with energizing mood lifters, like cinnamon and pepper combinations, spread liberally on it. To mention a few protein-rich recipes as lunch & snacks:

  • Open cottage cheese & pepper sandwich
  • Veggie whole-wheat pot noodle
  • Indian chicken protein pots
  • Date & walnut cinnamon bites
  • Iced grapes with cheddar cubes & celery
  • Almond, raisin & popcorn trail mix

Dinner- should be like that of a pauper

Dinner ideally should be like that of a pauper, if the breakfast is akin to a king’s. The stomach needs enough time to rest to be active again for the next morning. In that case, the ideal food recommended is rich in fibre and low in fat like fish, cottage cheese, nuts, olive oil, and vegetable salad dressings.

The idea is to let the stomach have ample time to relax and rejuvenate and repair the skin, hair and the internal parts of the body to protect any kind of illness attacking it later. Carbs should be ideal without curbing it with too much protein, as they need a longer time to digest and should be ingested mostly first thing in the morning. Some of the recommended food recipes for dinner are as follows: Healthy and Balanced Diet for Women is very important.

Dinner recipes:

●      Wild salmon veggie bowl

●      Moroccan-spiced tuna

●      Mexican chicken stew with quinoa & beans

●      Miso prawn skewers with veggie rice salad

●      Nutty crusted fish

●      Tomato & crispy crumb chicken

●      Spicy root & lentil casserole

●      Lamb & squash biryani with cucumber raita


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