Who does not dream of moving around in luxury cars, everyone wants to move around in luxury cars. But do you know that these expensive cars are also available for rent in Dubai? Many people dream of buying these cars. Once in a lifetime, everyone wants to travel in an expensive car. By using Dubai luxury cars on rent you can fulfill your dream.

Car rental company in Dubai

There are many car rental companies in Dubai and these companies provide luxury and simple cars on rent to their clients. There are many brand new cars available in these companies. It includes luxury brands like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Range Rover, and lots more.

Most popular cars

Customers get the car as per their choice. Therefore it is difficult to explain which car is taken more. It depends on the choice of the customers and what they like. Everyone’s choice is different. Some people like big cars, some people like small cars. Therefore, keeping in mind the choice of all customers, most companies in Dubai usually carry cars from almost every brand. Customer service is important to them.

Almost every car has its own luxury. So don’t worry about popular cars. Just select the car you love.

Brands in Demand

  • Audi

It is one of the most liked brands in people worldwide. There are many models of Audi available. It is a German automobile manufacturer and one of the best-selling car brands in the world.  Some models like Audi a6, Audi q2, Audi Q8 are the most lovable brands. Sportspeople generally go for these brands.

  • Ferrari

The Ferrari brand is mostly liked by sportspeople and film-makers. As we all know, it is manufactured by Italian sports car manufacturers. Mostly, you see these types of cars at car racing events. Most Hollywood films feature Ferrari cars. In 2020, some of the Ferrari sports cars are in limelight. Especially Ferrari f8 tributo. This car is one of the best sports cars in 2020.

  • Mercedes

It is also a luxury brand of German manufacturers. Its features, look, design, everything are fantastic. You will be more than happy to drive these cars. Everyone dreams of sitting in such a luxury car. What are you waiting for, you can definitely rent this luxury and experience the thrill.

  • Lamborghini

Up to 5700 brands are made by this Italian car manufacturer in one year.  Especially known for the sports car.  These types of cars are seen in every big city. People who like to have a sports car mostly choose this brand. One of the most famous and trusted brands in sports car manufacturers.

Pick up and drop facilities in Dubai

Most car rental companies offers to pick up and drop facilities to their clients. If a customer booking these cars online, the company offers the facility of pick up and drop facility. In this way, if you are new to Dubai then you will not face any kind of problem.

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Who can drive a rental car?

It is up to you if you want to drive yourself or you want to have a driver. If you want to have a driver for your rental car, you can hire one. These facilities are available as per the client’s choice. Many people like to drive by themselves. Once you drive these luxury cars you will feel the thrill you have never ever experienced. It’s an amazing journey.

Car hire charges in Dubai

The average car rental costs $60 for an economy car in Dubai and for a mini car, it is $74 for a high session and $70 for a low session. Price may differ according to the customer’s requirements. There are many luxury cars available in Dubai such as Range Rover, Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and unlimited. The car rental business is gaining momentum in Dubai. 

Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert touring in Dubai is very famous. Many companies offer hired safaris to travel in the desert here. Desert Safari is an attraction for tourists. Deserts are very large. That is why these companies hire drivers who know about the desert. An experienced driver is allowed to run Safari.


The procedure for renting a luxury car in Dubai is very easy. If you want to experience the luxury cars and the thrill they provide then you should definitely go for it.


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