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Prime reasons to choose PHP for Enterprise Development!                                               

1. Top reasons to choose PHP for enterprise software development                                   

1.1. The Open-source Nature of PHP Reduces the Costs                                             

1.2. Faster Web Development                                                                                         

1.3. Flexible and Integrative Code                                                                                   

1.4. Easily Scalable and Well-documented PHP Services                                             

1.5. Support, Maintenance, and Update of PHP Software is Very Easy                        

1.6. Great Hosting Opportunities                                                                                      

1.7. Good Performance Retains the Customers                                                             

2. Summary                                                                                                                           

Do you know that almost 83 % of all web services are written in PHP? Approximately 4755 companies use PHP in their tech stack including some top brands like Facebook, Lyft, and Slack. Despite this, the experts seem to have a debate about the benefits and limitations of the PHP framework. But it is up to you to decide whether it is suitable for your web development project or not. And that’s what we are going to discuss in this blog. Why should you choose PHP?

This framework is enhanced continually because it is open-source in nature and has the support of a large community of developers. With each version, the performance of the PHP frameworks gets better and better. There are many more advantages of this framework on which you can base your decision to opt for PHP as your programming language for your upcoming software development projects. It doesn’t matter if you choose PHP for enterprise development or e-commerce solutions because many practical reasons make PHP the most feasible option in the IT industry.

Top reasons to choose PHP for enterprise software development

1. The Open-source Nature of PHP Reduces the Costs

Who doesn’t like things that come free of cost? One of the reasons why most developers use PHP is that it is easily available i.e. free. Unlike other development frameworks, using PHP does not require any download or licensing fees. PHP frameworks are open-source and are generally distributed for free under the General Public License.

People may assume things that come free of cost don’t work well but you might be happy to know that PHP is not any simple technology. It is continually updated with the latest tools and functionalities as it is supported by the large and active global community of PHP developers that also happens to have impressive facilities and a large pool of resources. Now, the viability of the PHP applications is already tested so there is no need to waste time on creating an enterprise solution again from the start.

But there is one thing that you must be careful of. It is said that sometimes the greatest advantage can also become your big drawback. The same is true in the case of the top PHP frameworks. Its easy availability is also responsible for easy career entry which can sometimes lead to project cases with a reduced quality. So prefer experience and expertise while hiring a team of PHP experts.

2. Faster Web Development

Being a partly object-oriented language, PHP allows developers to reuse its code. You can save a lot of time and effort when you use reusable PHP components in the development process. Though there are various PHP frameworks including WordPress, Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Joomla, and more, every technology possesses unique functionalities to provide fast and secure development in particular domains.

This framework is specially optimized so that the PHP developers can run several enterprise applications very fast. Its in-built functions include accessing the GET and POST and working with HTML and URLs. From the perspective of a business owner, all of these means that your development time and costs decrease significantly. You can also see it in a way that the more the product is built faster, the earlier it will bring the ROI.

3. Flexible and Integrative Code

The greatest advantage of any development technology can be none other than its flexibility and versatility. The code of PHP is also compatible with most of the major operating systems like Windows, Linux, macOS, Unix, and more. It is provided with various server supports including iPlanet, Microsoft IIS, Caudium, Apache, Xitami, Netscape, and Tornado as well as database support from PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and so on.

All of these make PHP one of the ideal options to build a cross-platform web application. Such apps allow businesses to use existing infrastructure at minimal costs. PHP can fulfill your integration requirements as it is an embedded language too. Experts mostly recommended integrating PHP with HTML but successful implementation is carried out by integrating it with other programming languages like XML, WML, JavaScript, and more.

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Now, PHP compiles all of its scripts on the server-side which saves you from troubles with browser exposure. Functionality changes occur in a project at any time. But in PHP, such implementations are made irrespective of the development stage too without wasting any time all because of its dynamic nature.

4. Easily Scalable and Well-documented PHP Services

When PHP developers build the product in iterations, the businesses have good chances of getting maximized ROI. Various modules of the software are launched progressively which allows them to make changes in the enterprise application development plan if required. Enterprises use PHP to constantly create multiple pages with different settings. Supporting and developing enterprise web applications projects is possible because of PHP.

Documentation and transparency are the two important aspects of any development project and you would be delighted to know that PHP development services are well versed in it. When your PHP code is written well, you won’t have to waste a single second trying to understand what is going on with the code in detail. This also enables the PHP developers to plan iterative development with fewer risks of foot-dragging in the matter if you had to replace the developer or entire team.

5. Support, Maintenance, and Update of PHP Software is Very Easy

You can freely modify or change the code of PHP frameworks as it has a decipherable syntax which means that you should not have any problems regarding the maintenance and updates of the PHP enterprise application software. In short, your existing PHP applications can easily adapt to the new apps in the market or your organizational requirements in a cost-effective manner.

The open-source nature of PHP makes it happen every time a new functionality arrives on the market. And as we discussed above, the well-written, consistent and distinct PHP code so it is not compulsory that the development team can only provide support and maintenance to the project, any team can do it.

6. Great Hosting Opportunities

The versatility of the framework works wonders here. It makes PHP one of the most popular web hosting options for hosting services providers. Most of the reliable hosting providers are using PHP to support their web hosting services. Generally, PHP comes in with the hosting service package with no other charges. It also includes free web host plans, free domain, unlimited resource allocation, and inexpensive shared plans.

7. Good Performance Retains the Customers

If you want to retain your audience then the loading speed of the website is a very important factor to consider. An average attention span of a human is around 6 to 8 seconds but if a web application loads slowly, the chances are that users will leave immediately and will never return. Using fast data processing features, seamless integration with content management system, enterprise resource planning system, and customization potential of PHP, you can make sure that you have got a quick turnaround time.

Only PHP can solve this problem faster than any other framework because the single goal behind its creation is to develop dynamic websites. You know that PHP language code can be embedded into HTML, similarly, you just have to convert the static code of the website into dynamic by adding PHP code into HTML. The HTML standards are the best for the creation of any fully-fledged website.

For PHP developers, it is easy to build or edit the web pages as the framework offers one on one correspondence between the files and the URLs by default. This can come in handy when you are dealing with a website that has vast static content of hundreds of pages with frequent on-offs and many templates.


The PHP frameworks are very popular and they have seen some significant growth in the last few years. Some core aspects of PHP technology are its simplicity, scalability, compatibility, cost-efficiency, and user-friendliness. It doesn’t matter if you use PHP alone or with other frameworks in a tech stack, one thing is sure that it is capable of helping you with any type of project from creating a simple web app to a customer relationship management tool.

But it is also true that the popularity of the framework has attracted some low-skilled and low-quality developers as they are just able to leverage the simplicity and the availability of the framework and nothing else. And that’s the reason when you hire a team for PHP enterprise development, you need to be extra careful.

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