There is a lot of importance of in-person events but sometimes it becomes necessary to host virtual events like in this pandemic situation. Now what steps will you take to make your virtual event have more attendees, run educational sessions, provide opportunities of networking and run conferences for multiple days.

The in-person event requires proper attention and care. The same attention and care are needed for organizing a virtual event. Whether you are hosting an in-person event or a virtual event, you have to make your event successful by increasing attendees’ engagement and promoting the event.

What makes a virtual event different is that it does not have any on-site attendees and the venue.

Now I will describe the pros and cons of holding a virtual event in 2021.


  1. Reaching a wider group of audience is possible – If you want your brand to give an engagement opportunity to the attendees that are on-the-fence then you can do this by hosting an online event. No time or travel costs need to be wasted when for an online event you want to register the prospects. If for a broader audience you want to market the event then you can easily use your budget for this because per attendee cost will be lower in an online event.

2. You need not to cancel your event because of a pandemic – When hosting an in-person event then regarding social distancing and the venue selected at some place you may have to face some issues related to federal policies and state policies. On the other hand, there are no chances of such issues when hosting an online event.

3. Event cost will be lower – As compared to an in-person event on online event will cost comparatively less because there will be no requirement of:

  • The event staff to be present on-site
  • Printed signage
  • Rooms of hotels
  • Beverage and food
  • Venue

4. For the goals of your brand you can tailor an experience – You can get the engagement that is interactive and immersive, deliver presentations and focus on huge or simple tasks by hosting a virtual event like you can do all this in the in-person event. You can make an event website after customization and then can provide a brand-experience that is fully-unique.

5. You can easily get the attendee data of high quality – It is possible to collect the data of the prospects and the customers by a data machine known as the virtual event. You can monitor all the interactions and interests of the attendees from the start. With this you can get information about every participant’s journey as a customer by using CRM and putting the data in that.


  1. You can get overwhelmed with gotchas and the tech options if online events are new for you – It will be good for you to take the help of an event expert if you want to plan an online event for the first time and you do not know anything about it. He will make your event day successful by managing the various details of the event and converting your budget and event goals into reality.

2. A large number of people who register for the online event do not actually attend the event – There are a lot of benefits of attending an online event but only that registered person who is not curious about your brand can think of not attending it. Now if you hold an event where the attendees need to be physically present then there are no chances of that person to attend it. So, whenever you plan to host an online event, always consider these types of people and then move ahead.

3. The participants remain attentive for a short period of time only – Don’t take one hour to cover any topic. 20 minutes are sufficient for any session. Therefore, it is necessary that your content is shorter. Use CTAs and pointers in your event website so that the visitor takes interest in visiting the next page also.

4. These types of events offer limited interaction and networking – When using any platform for an event then including a calendar with it will be a good idea so as to make a more personal connection with the participants.

If someone wants to host an event that is experience oriented, staged and interactive then he should go for hosting Digital Events.

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