Organize your Workspace at Home, Having an organized working space can improve our productivity and moods while working.

Lately, we realized that working from home is a great alternative to work inside the office. Since the government implemented new health protocols at a lot of business establishments have shifted to work from home setup and most of the workers are faced with new challenges. With this new setup, a lot of workers are struggling to handle work pressure and home problems and one of those stressors is having a messy workspace. 

Let’s admit it, an organized working area also gives as light feeling to continue our task online or conduct meeting virtually. But if you are a new employee in a work from home setup, read this first. Organize your Workspace at Home

Here are some quick ways on how to organize your workspace.

1.Clear your working table

Give some time to clear all things from your table and choose some specific gadgets or important things to be on your table, declutter those unnecessary things. Also, make sure there are no intertwining cords under your table to prevent some accidents. 

When you are using an extension lead it is best to label these cords to what specific gadgets they are for.

2. Clear your desktop

Just like your cabinets, your desktop needs decluttering. It is important to organize your desktop and take out those unnecessary files to the recycle bin or at least segregate them into a specific folder. Set up folders that will work for you, probably separate old files from the new ones. This way it will maintain a clean and easy filing system for your desktop.

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3. Have a drawer for your office supplies

If you don’t have a drawer for your office supplies, you can use old shoe boxes or any empty boxes that can separate small things from the bigger ones. So when you need them it would be easier to pick since they are segregated according to their sizes and usage. 

4. Keep your work area clean

It’s time to search under the table for fallen crumbs of chips or anything that can attract insects. When you are cleaning consider what surrounds you and not just your table. Place a trash bin near your table so next time you finish eating then you can easily throw them in the bin, but you have to empty your trash bin at least twice.  

5. Go paperless

A simple way to reduce garbage is to go paperless, this way you can contribute to saving the environment. There are apps that can help you take down notes or serve as your reminder. Or also use a whiteboard this way you can keep things on track and surely they are erasable and reusable.

6. Add some plants

There are plants that can absorb radiation especially if you are always facing your computer. Research shows that plants inside homes can improve mental and emotional health. So you better add those plants that can also lighten your mood.

7. Use your wall

There are many ways you can use your wall, you can place your whiteboard as a reminder for your tasks and even family task. Or you can turn it into your inspiration wall to keep motivated to do better on your work. Just be creative and you will achieve that success in creating a feel-good office room.

Now, you can turn your workstation at home into a stress-free area and you can still have that office feeling while having family bonding.


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