On-demand super app : With current advancements in modern technology, smartphones have become an indispensable tool to make life convenient and hassle-free. Right from taxis to groceries, a few taps on the smartphones is all that is needed. The massive smartphone penetration has led to the obvious decline of traditional businesses. With entrepreneurs aiming to have an online presence for their survival, how long can they sustain in the market where there’s a neck-to-neck competition? Take any on-demand sector. You have Lyft to compete with Uber, Instacart to compete with Shipt, Doordash to compete with UberEats, and so on.

With sustainability being the prime factor, what makes an entrepreneur’s survival everlasting? The only way out is to stay one step ahead of the competitors. If utilized with the right approach, the Super app strategy can enable one to gain instant traction. Apps like Gojek, Grab, etc., have ventured into this vast, unexplored market space, making a mark for themselves in the on-demand sector. Now, what exactly is the Super app strategy? What is the best way to launch a multi-service Super app? Can a Gojek clone turn the wind towards an entrepreneur’s startup? Read more to find out yourselves!

The Super app strategy – The All-in-one panacea

The concept of Super apps is quite simple. The fundamental strategy behind Super apps is, ‘why should people switch between different apps for various services?’ A majority of smartphone users in the current scenario are first-time users. Switching between different apps and maintaining control over different orders is challenging and cumbersome in every aspect. On the other hand, loading smartphones with 60-90 apps will inevitably lead to its deterioration in speed and performance.

A Super app can culminate in numerous on-demand services in a single place, acting as a centralized hub. This way, a smartphone user can book taxis, order food, shop groceries, pay bills, demand home services professionals, and do many more activities with a single app. Although apps like Gojek, Grab, etc., have already capitalized on this lucrative strategy, the market for Super apps is still in its nascent stages.

Building the Super app – The dilemma

While the concept of Super apps is simple, building one is no easy feat. Bringing multiple services under one roof comes with numerous pain points like security, accessibility, etc. Technically, there are two popular ways to develop a Super app. The first way is to begin your app development from the ground. This method is tiresome as it is the entrepreneur who takes the burden of developing the app. Right from market research to post-launch marketing strategies, the development process involves an efficient entrepreneur to carry the mantle comprehensively. This method incurs a hefty budget and consumes time as well.

Another development technique that has made the entrepreneurial circle go buzzing is the readymade clone app solutions. App development companies roll out white-label solutions that are entirely customizable. In this technique, entrepreneurs needn’t take the mountainous task of developing the app. They can modify the app according to their preferences and venture into the market right away.

The latter method is highly preferable from an entrepreneurial perspective due to a variety of reasons. Let’s discuss them in the upcoming section.

White-label Gojek clone – The desirable way

Clone apps are an emerging trend in the field of app development. Budding entrepreneurs with restricted resources and technical background can capitalize on this highly desirable way to set foot into the market. Some of the reasons why entrepreneurs prefer white-label Gojek clone app include,

  • Incredibly pocket-friendly: One of the significant advantages of clone apps is its budget-friendliness. An entrepreneur who requires a six-digit investment can substantially reduce it to a 4-digit sum with these white-label solutions.
  • Extremely time-conserving: Entrepreneurs wish to capitalize on the market right away. Waiting for 3-5 months to get the app developed paves the way for potential losses in the business. An all-encompassing Gojek like app solution can be launched in a matter of a few days, leading to massive time conservation. It is a on-demand super app.
  • Highly scalable and dependable: It is wise to leave the technical aspects of developing the app to experts rather than taking matters into one’s own hands. A seasoned team of experts knows the ins and outs of app development, assuring your success and scalability in the long run.

Choosing the right app development company – the Success Mantra

Your visions and ideas need to be matched with the right resources to elevate your chances of success. Choosing your best-suited app development company can create such a massive difference in your business’s performance. Here are the parameters to look out for in a clone app development company,

  • Reputability: There’s no second choice when it comes to reputability. A well-reputed company can deliver a high-quality product within the mutually agreed time. Referring to company testimonials and reviews on third-party websites can come in handy.
  • Adhering to current trends: Apps with primitive technology or an outdated business model fails to impact the audience. Hence, it is critical to ensure if the company stays on par with industrial advancements and technologies. A company offering the latest tech-stack must be best-suited for your app development.

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  • The economic factor: Every entrepreneur needs to look into the budget of app development before joining hands with the company. A company offering state-of-the-art services at economical prices is highly desirable to choose from. It is better to predetermine your budget and look out for companies providing services within your budget range.

Killer features to consider in a  Gojek clone – Do not miss out

Creating a visual appeal among the audience is a piece of cake with remarkable features. Some of the unique features worth-considering in your multi-service app include,

  • Instant booking or schedule for later
  • Book through app, web, SMS
  • Availability toggle
  • Service radius
  • Geofencing
  • VoIP-based call masking
  • In-app wallet
  • In-app chat/call
  • Real-time analytics
  • Booking via KiOSK


A white-label Gojek clone is beneficial, on-demand super app, and profitable in every aspect when compared to app development from scratch. With smartphone users poised to reach 3.8 billion by the end of 2021, do not have second thoughts about investing in this lucrative business opportunity. Have a cutting-edge over your rivals by introducing a top-notch multi-service app that is efficient, robust, and user-friendly!


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